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A Starters Guide To The 10 Best Mechanic Tool Set

best mechanic tool set

Wouldn’t it be great if you get your hands on with the necessary tools if it’s just a minor repair? Calling a handyman when your kitchen sink starts leaking should be just an option, or ringing your landlord to send his repairman out to fix a choking toilet, and who knows when they will be available for the job order. It saves you the money and time.

Nowadays, it doesn’t really matter if you’re a novice in tackling projects under the hood. At some point, we need to do repairs, maintenance, plus quick fixes, which make all the sense in the benefit of investing even the most basic of the best mechanic tool set. It’s essential to have this at home because some tasks can be easily handled, which means you can skip the need to pay others to do it for you. In this article, we will provide you with buying tips as well as our carefully picked mechanic hand tools ideal for most mechanical, industrial, —even consumer jobs. All the tool sets recommended has been designed to industry standards.

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Our Top 10 Best Mechanic Tool Set

1. Crescent CTK170CMP2 Mechanics Tool Set – 170-Piece

Crescent CTK170CMP2 Mechanics Tool Set - 170-Piece

When you need an urgent fix, it certainly helps when your repair tools aren’t too heavy to carry. The Crescent CTK170CMP2 Mechanics Tool Set is solidly built but doesn’t weigh a ton. Craftsmanship-wise, they’re incredible. Yet, some might be smaller for the industrial overkill. It’s the best choice for those with small and dainty vehicles for lighter mobile repairs.

Made from a heat-treated vanadium steel alloy, you will appreciate the smooth chrome finish having no obvious blemishes or flaws. The ratchets feel sturdy, and the screwdrivers have a well-constructed grip. The kit has well-constructed combo wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, and sockets. The slender body of the wrenches can tolerate at least moderate amounts of torque.

We find its folding plastic case pretty sturdy because it holds everything in place. However, the holsters are debilitatingly tight that it’s hard to get what you need instantaneously. Overall, it is a comprehensive set of tools every home would find very serviceable. From a usability standpoint, it has a good mix of different tools.


  • Great value for money
  • Improved durable storage case
  • Versatile set of tools
  • Light & Sturdy


  • Case holsters are tight

2. Stanley STMT71654 201-Piece Mechanics Tool Set

Stanley STMT71654 201-Piece Mechanics Tool Set

If you’re looking for an all-in-one mechanic toolset that comes in a compact, sturdy box, — the 201-piece mixed toolset of Stanley STMT71654 ticks the boxes. It comes with a Max-Drive design giving the set more torque. Similar to its contender Crescent, the tools of the kit are also forged from high-quality steel and chrome vanadium.

For the price and the number of pieces included, it’s a great kit. You get an extensive range of metric-sized sockets and drive tools, plus the most commonly used tools. All items meet the ANSI specifications. Their ratchets are solid and a bunch of screw heads. The sockets are all the sizes necessary for basic repairs, which works great with a few combination wrenches for good measure.

What’s most impressive about Stanley’s toolset is the rugged carry storage. Mobility-wise, it is really neat! Able to snap all the pieces in very securely is a BONUS! It takes all the pain of having to deal with the tools to fly all over the place in case you accidentally knock the case over. Overall, it’s one of the most reliable tool kit,— and you can’t beat having a lifetime warranty. Score!


  • Reliable box that holds tools securely
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Excellent tool variety


  • Ratchets are good but does not last long.

3. Kobalt Standard (SAE) and Metric Mechanic’s Tool Set w/ Hard Case – 200-Piece

Kobalt Standard (SAE) and Metric Mechanic's Tool Set w/ Hard Case - 200-Piece

Kobalt’s 200-piece mechanic tool set is securely nestled in a blow-molded storage case, which is known to be a hard and resistant material against impact. The storage has a sturdy handle allowing you to hang it, and with a tri-fold frame, all the tools fit snugly in their spaces. They’re all quality made along with a nice variety of different sockets. Although, this kit is only for light mechanic work.

Just like its contenders, it’s also constructed from chrome vanadium steel and coated with professional grade polish. The markings of each tool are easily legible. The colors for metric/standard is clean and simple. Perhaps, the best highlight of this kit is Kobalt came out with a new 90-tooth gear Pro90 ratchet set. It’s a useful improvement offering better mobility in tight workspaces with a 4° precision swing.

Overall, whether for the hobbyist or the professional, you can’t beat the bang for your buck with this set. It has a good range of items which includes a variety of wrenches and sockets for your do-it-yourself projects. Plus, it is backed with a lifetime warranty.


  • Best as a travel tool kit
  • Made to last
  • Organized storage frame
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • Not for bigger repair tasks

4. DEWALT DWMT72165 204 Piece Mechanics Tool Set

DEWALT DWMT72165 204 Piece Mechanics Tool Set

What’s impressive about DeWalt is they take ameliorating very seriously. They put a big effort into improving the tool design and construction to form a well-put-together mechanic’s toolkit. The set holds a large number of necessary tools, —so none will be left behind in times of repair or tweaking.

The ratchets, wrenches, and the sockets all feel substantial. The ratchet design which includes a quick release button is a stand-out feature. Might be heavier than most ratchets due to the extra material to the handles. Everyone who spends most of their time tweaking their cars know the convenience of the slim head ratchets. Moreover, it boasts a 72-tooth gear system, —making it easy to hold the sockets securely for high torque ratcheting.

Overall, the entire kit is definitely great. The quality of its craftsmanship is made to last. The sockets have etched markings that are easy to read. Handles are nicely shaped with knurled rings for non-slip gripping. The storage case has durable hinges and latches to make up with the real heft on the tools. It’s a great set for general maintenance around the house and for a bit of automotive work.


  • Knurled handles for non-slip grip
  • 72-tooth ratchet for high degree torquing
  • Slim head ratchet design
  • Rugged storage case


  • Each tool is bulky and heavy

5. Craftsman 450-Piece Mechanic’s Tool Set

Craftsman 450-Piece Mechanic's Tool Set

Craftsman is a well-respected manufacturer and has garnered so many loyal customers. It’s no surprise their products remain in demand. Now, take note this is

450 pieces weighing 42.2 lbs if you don’t mind flexing those biceps that’s fine. Good thing the storage has its built-in trays that slide out, making it easy to pick and store up tools on a workbench.

The tools are great for the diversity of Allen keys, sockets head and other stuff. That can come pretty handy for long-term use. Sadly, it lacks the essential tools like pliers. Nevertheless, it’s a great place to start your tool collection. You’ll find that the storage isn’t really meant for transportation. The tools can dislodge from its place be all over the place if you lug and throw the box around.

For such a good price, this 450 piece tool set is one of the most elaborate kits that you can avail. From repair to installation job, this kit is bound to provide everything you’ll possibly need. You won’t be left with a job that will send you running to the store anymore. No wonder it is always on the list of the most recommended tool sets.


  • Huge variety of tools/sockets
  • Complete Allen key kit


  • ineffective organization pattern
  • No pliers included

6. JH Williams WSC-1390TB 1390-Piece Mammoth Tool Set

JH Williams WSC-1390TB 1390-Piece Mammoth Tool Set

Yeeeppp, it’s not a typo, it’s literally a mammoth kit with 1,390 mechanic tools stuffed in it. You can imagine the diverse collection of sockets, spanners, and wrenches this kit offers. It’s like a treasure chest! This one got a variety of each tool, hammers, pliers, chisels, punches, Allen keys, screwdrivers and more. Heck! It’s almost 70% larger than most kits it’s difficult to list them all down.

Being a garage in a box, you gotta be a hardcore mechanic if you own a kit like this. It is literally made for complex repair and maintenance tasks. It even includes specialty items like saws, scrapers, gear pullers and more that you don’t find in other kits for industrial maintenance mechanics sake. All tools are in this set are made by Snap-on, so you know you can trust the quality that makes up for the price of this enormous kit.

Of course, it comes in two top-chest storage cabinets on wheels which can be a side cabinet as well. The other is a smaller rolling three-drawer tool cart. Both are specifically designed to home each tool, we are talking about 35 drawers! It’s all exciting until you see the price. But, with that number of tools for the amount of use it is for, it’s worth it.


  • A garage in a box in fractional and metric sizes


  • Too expensive

7. Klutch Mechanic’s Tool Set – 305-Pc., 1/4in.-, 3/8in.-and 1/2in.-Drive, SAE and Metric

Klutch Mechanic's Tool Set - 305-Pc., 1/4in.-, 3/8in.-and 1/2in.-Drive, SAE and Metric
If vanity is masculine, Klutch Mechanic’s tool set is definitely spot on. Klutch is definitely showing how quality-centered they are by this kit alone. You get a comprehensive set of essential tools for both home and automotive tasks. But, the best feature of this great set of tools are the stunted combination wrenches meant for getting into smaller spaces. Most mechanic tools nowadays are made from chrome vanadium steel construction, but what sets this set apart is its sockets. Built with Surface Drive Technology™ to reduce stripping, it’s not common in other sets. All of its ratchets are built with the push-button for quick release. The only thing important that is missing is the Torx drivers, which is a very commonly used tool.

Another thing that may or may not appeal it you is it doesn’t come with a storage case. Overall, it almost has everything to get the job done. With great quality, each piece of the tools has, —Even without storage case, it’s a good set of tools for the money. The set is spot on in terms of durability and quality, which is why it’s still one of the best products in the market. Plus backed with a lifetime warranty.


  • Well-thought construction and durability.
  • Backed by a lifetime guarantee


  • No Case whatsoever
  • No Torx drivers

8. Craftsman 165 pc Mechanics Tool Set # 38165

Craftsman 165 pc Mechanics Tool Set # 38165

When buying a mechanic tool set for your DIY needs, you also need to set your priorities prior. Are you more particular with a large number of sockets, or multiple wrench options? If you know what you need, it’s exactly the core of purpose of Craftsman when they came up with this 165-piece set. They made it focus-oriented. Therefore, specific buyers, who wants the best mechanic tool set avails this.

A fine selection of tools not only offers great functionality but covers a broad array of tasks. The ratchets are a bit shorter to generate enough leverage. But other than that, all the bits in the set are all you need to handle most of the other tasks, even those that are not related to car repair. You get extension bars, hex keys, adjustable wrenches, and other essential tools.

Another benefit of this kit, the tools are kept in a very elegant, sturdy, and lightweight storage box that you can lug around. Weighing 19.65 lbs easy peasy portability. Be careful when you open up the case though, it doesn’t grip the tools enough to stay in place. Overall, it’s a great warm-up kit that will not overwhelm beginners.


  • Durable / long-lasting
  • Great selection of sockets


  • The ratchets are short.
  • Doesn’t hold the tools properly.

9. Craftsman 413 pc. Mechanics Tool Set

Craftsman 413 pc. Mechanics Tool Set

If you’re keen on a new hobby of tinkering a wide variety of mechanic and automotive tasks, why not start building your arsenal with a 413-piece set? The Craftsman’s 413-piece tool set is a solid choice to turn to in times when you need reliable tools. You get 271 sockets, also comes with 55 combination wrenches and 14 nut drivers, —every standard tool you need for repair and maintenance.

An excellent selection of well-made sockets, all with nice deep wells. There’s no doubt on the quality of the ratchets and the wrenches, but without the torque wrenches. There’s a solid feel on the ratchets with a quick release button for easy ratcheting action. Above everything, it’s the large selection of sockets that make this kit lovable for hobbyists and pros.

If it has an extensive selection of necessary sockets and high-quality tools, plus the warranty, why is it in the 9th place? Well, if you have over 400 tools would it be great if it comes with a storage case? Well, this one doesn’t. You have to get your own toolbox for these babies. Overall, this mechanic tool set is worth the money. Nonetheless, a highly recommended toolset is what that matters the most.3


  • Impressive durability
  • Pretty awesome for both home & car repair


  • No Torque wrenches

10. WORKPRO W009019A 119-Piece Tool Kit in Aluminum Case

WORKPRO W009019A 119-Piece Tool Kit in Aluminum Case

This 119-piece home repairing set is made from high-quality chrome vanadium steel alloy. Also, all are chrome-plated. So, you know it is durable and will not corrode easily. You’d be glad that the wrenches are all guaranteed in standard auto repair sizes while the drivers, ratchets, and sockets come in all the sizes. The pliers, snap-off knife, screwdrivers, and the ratchet have ergonomically, non-slip handles.

Since the kit is pretty much intended more for household projects, it includes a junior hacksaw and a hammer. The hammer may not be necessary, but hey! An extra hammer is better than nothing, right? The only thing I think WORKPRO overlooked is that all the sockets in the kit are only in metric. Not really a deal-breaker but it might matter for some.

What’s really cool about this mechanic tool set is it’s in a dope aluminum storage case with two sturdy latches and a carry-on handle! To be honest, if the tools you need are for home improvement, like maintenance and repair, for its price, you can’t complain about this intuitive set of tools.


  • Strong aluminum storage case.
  • It includes a Hacksaw


  • The sockets are only in metric

Things To Consider Before Buying A Mechanic Tool Set

Purpose of use

What are you going to use it for? Home improvement, car maintenance & repair or both? The majority of mechanic tool sets hold a wide range of tools of various kinds and level of purpose. And this is followed by the question “What pieces should be included in a set for a car or home use?” It really depends on what they are for.

Skill level

Every master mechanic started from knowing nothing about tinkering cars and doing do-it-yourself projects. BUT, it helps a lot if you purchase the things according to your skill level. Otherwise, a lot of the extra tools in the set you bought might end up rusting in your garage. There’s always more room to buy extra tools as your mechanic skill progresses, better set your budget to safety until you know the next set of tools you need.

Collect individual tools instead of buying a set

Nothing wrong about it at all! It is within the control of your needs and budget. Although, it is better to try to look for a set first that has all the basics you are looking for. Especially, if the price is right. The most commonly used tools for DIY and light auto repairs are adjustable wrenches, screwdrivers, sockets, ratchets, and pliers.

Is the tool storage box important?

Although you can always purchase a separate toolbox, the one specifically molded and design for all the tools in the kit you bought is still better. Whichever works for you.

What To Look For In A Mechanic Tool Set?

Many underestimate the benefits of having a mechanic tool set, not knowing it’s your best friend when there’s no around to help you. With so many options available, it’s important to have an idea where to begin and what tools to start with. And since these tools are designed to do what they do best, it’s tough for an amateur to choose the best.

Here are the keynotes that will make your task of buying the best mechanic tool set less tasking.

  • Tool selection, not just tool variety; A tool set should have a versatile array of tools for industrial, home, and mechanical use. Such as universal screwdriver, allen keys, ratchets & sockets. The extras will depend on what you need. But, it doesn’t make sense to pay for a boatload of extra tools that are not going to be useful. The focus is on quality over quantity.
  • Durable & Corrosion-free; Apart from the good features and the relevant tools Included, it should be made to last long. Even if you can almost always find what you need in the set, if it’s poor quality, you just wasted money on it. To be safe, opt for the brands that are already known for good quality.
  • Hand Tool Ergonomics; Hands can get sweaty or oiled. It doesn’t matter if the handle is rubber or plastic-coated. Plain or knurled pattern. The grips of hand tools should be designed for a power grip. Therefore, ensuring that a tool’s handle has adequate friction between the hand serves high importance for flawless operation.
  • Sturdy, Compact Storage; Life is easier if the tools are all kept organized in a handy storage case that doesn’t collapse. A set of great quality tools that don’t have a home where they all huddle together would be a shame, right?
  • Warranty. A lifetime warranty would be a huge help. But, in case the best product you found doesn’t have the lifetime warranty, it’s fine as long as the product is durable.

Final Word

Among the mechanic tool sets rated and reviewed on this list, we are totally hands down to Stanley STMT71654 and Kobalt Standard. Both are made with great quality and reliable warranty. The selection of tools is just the right amount and type you will need for typical projects. Buying each tool separately is not a great idea, but why so if you can find a complete set that meets your budget? Also, it’s still much convenient when you have a travel-friendly toolset.

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