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8 Best Jumper Cables in the Market

Best Jumper Cables

Every car owner (such as me) has already experienced a dead car battery. I know you too. When this happens, our car is unable to start because it lacks the power to make the engine start. The only way to get back on the road is to jumpstart our car by borrowing some electricity from a donor vehicle, or if you have a portable jump starter kit it can do the job.

When that happens, having the best jumper cables with you is truly a lifesaver. These may seem cheap and insignificant for some but, it will save you when you get stranded by the side of the road.

Just think jumper cables as your first aid kit for your car. You should always have a pair of these cables with you. You’re not only helping yourself but also you will be a great help for other car owners who need a quick jump start when they need one.

If you are planning on having a jumper cable for yourself, here are some of my top best jumper cables picks for 2021. I hope this will help you find the best one there is. Enjoy!

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8 Best Jumper Cables Pick

1. Energizer Booster Cables Gauge-1

Energizer Booster Cables Gauge-1

Energizer Holdings, or known as Energizer, is a prominent brand that dominates in high-quality manufacturing batteries. They are one of the largest manufacturers of primary batteries and portable lighting products.

This company right here was founded in the year 1896. That’s over 120 by years now. Over the years, Energizer has constantly been manufacturing high-grade consumer batteries.

I still remember some of the devices I have in my apartment 20 years back having Energizer batteries. As a consumer, this brand here is legit. Just by the quality of their products, you can say that they are thinking about what their customer wants.

Well enough of a side story, and let us move on to what you’ve been waiting for. The Energizer Booster Cables Gauge-1 has the adequate length you need when jumpstarting your car. This product here has a length of 25 feet, which is enough when your power donor is quite far from your car.

This product here is already 1GA, which means it can hold more amperage without heating up. A single cable of this product can carry about 800A. Enough to get your dead engine back to life.

Its cables are coated in red and black polymerizing vinyl chloride (PVC), which makes the cable tangle-free. It will also retain its flexibility even when temperatures drop to -40C.

Overall, the Energizer Booster Cables Gauge-1 can be your trusted partner in times of need. It can hold enough amperage from the donor car to your vehicle to have it up and to run again.


  • Heavy-duty
  • All-weather cables
  • Tangle-free
  • Has a bag included
  • Temperature Resistant cables


  • Copper Coated Aluminum

2. Bayco SL-3010 Jumper Cables

Bayco SL-3010 Jumper Cables

BAYCO Products Inc. has been making a wide range of portable and corded lighting products since 1984. That’s about 130 years of making high-performance and high-quality lighting products. With that said, The company is considered one of the world’s best manufacturers of high-grade, high-value, and high-performance lighting solutions.

This company right here is specialized in manufacturing lighting products, even jumper cables. Their headquarter is stationed at North Texas, with about 110,000 square foot facilities where engineers, marketing and sales offices, and distribution team are all working together.

If you are looking for high-quality lighting solutions, I would highly recommend BAYCO Products. They have various lighting products for commercial and industrial use.

Enough of the background check. Bayco SL-3010 Jumper Cables almost have the same specs with the Energizer Booster Cable. It has a 1GA copper wire specification. Which means, this is a heavy-duty jumper cable that can carry about 800A to any engine that needs a jump start.

This cord right here has a length 25 feet, and it’s covered with an insulator colored in red and black.

To be honest, there ain’t much information about this product, even if you look up to their site. Still, based on the product reviews, these jumper cables are doing well. Most of the users are satisfied with the product.

When it comes to amperage capacity and cable length, it does have the same specification with other regular brands. The best part of this product here is that its price is much lower than its competitors, which makes it a good option for car owners who are on a tight budget.


  • Heavy-duty
  • Tangle-free
  • Long


  • Relatively Heavy
  • Expensive

3. Voilamart Auto Jumper Cables

Voilamart Auto Jumper Cables

Voilamart is a fast-growing online retailer from Australia. Yes, it’s from Australia, and it is not a manufacturer. It was founded back in 2005, which sets out to target customers from every corner of the world.

They are directly sourced from manufacturers, which allows them to sell each product at a lesser price.

From the look of their site, you can say they’re more like Walmart. They also sell other products like sports and outdoor gears, home and kitchen, beauty and personal care, electronics, and automotive accessories. You can check out their website here.

Now for the Voilamart Auto Jumper Cables. This product right here has two variants: the 1 GA 1,200A and the 2 GA 3000A. But we will be just focusing on the 1 GA jumper cable today.

It has a professional length of 20 feet long. This will ensure you’ll reach the other car with no hassle. It also comes with a zipped carry case for easy storage.

This jumper cable supports 6v, 12V, and 24V engines from cars, vans, SUVs, trucks, and even large agricultural vehicles. Its heavy-duty 12mm copper wire can carry a charge of 1,200A from the car donor to your vehicles without burning the cable.

Its 12mm copper wire is insulated with PVC materials, which helps it resist heat, oil, acid, and other external substances. It can also retain its flexibility even in low temperatures. With that said, you can still use this jumper cable even in the middle of a winter storm. The clamps are also insulated to ensure the safe use of this cable.

For its price, well, it is less expensive than other jumper cables – perfect for car owners who are on a budget.


  • Has bigger amperage
  • Heavy-duty
  • Tangle-free
  • Temperature Resistant cables
  • Affordable


  • Copper Coated Aluminum

4. AUTOGEN Heavy Duty Booster Cables

AUTOGEN Heavy Duty Booster Cables

If you are looking for a manufacturer who focuses on manufacturing jump starter, jumper cables, and other automotive supplies – AUTOGEN is for you.

AUTOGEN Technology Co., Ltd. was established way back in 2010. Since then, they slowly grind their way to be one of the leading manufacturers in jump starters and jumper cables. Yes, they’re still new in the industry. However, their expertise and experience in manufacturing quality automotive products lead them to success.

Driven by their commitment, they’re providing their customers with safe, reliable, and innovative products. As they manufacture their products, they carry with them the high safety and quality requirements to keep their products aligned with international standards.

As of now, AUTOGEN products are already reaching out in Japan, Russia, and even in Europe.

Now for the product. The AUTOGEN jumper cable has an outstanding 900A capacity, designed for heavy-duty use. With this product, you can jumpstart any vehicle with ease.

The jumper cables are also compatible with 12V and 24V engines. With that said, you can jumpstart most vehicles like vans, mini-vans, trucks, and SUVs. It also has a length of 25-feet, perfect for short to medium range jump starting. With this inside your trunk, you’ll have no problem jumpstarting your car next time.

It is the capacity to hold a huge amount of electricity thanks to its 1 Gauge copper wire. Then it’s coated with high-quality PVC to keep it from heating up when used. And it can retain its flexibility even in cold temperatures. They’re tangle-free, and it is easy to carry with its carry bag.

Get this jumper cable and add it with your emergency equipment. You’ll never know when you’ll need a jump start.


  • Heavy-duty
  • Long
  • Has other variants
  • Tangle-free
  • All-weather cables


  • Copper coated aluminum
  • Clamp’s teeth don’t hold much

5. Cartman Heavy Duty Jumper Cables

Cartman Heavy Duty Jumper Cables

The next jumper cable manufacturer doesn’t have an official website on the web, typical for a startup brand. Aside from jumper cables, they also have other automotive products such as traffic cones, tool kit, safety triangle, and lashing straps. If you are looking for automotive supplies, CARTMAN is a good choice.

As seen in the reviews, their products are doing well. Most of their products almost have perfect reviews on Amazon. Despite being new to the industry, well, they’re already making a good start.

You can browse more of their products on Amazon. There are a lot of good items which are quite helpful. If you have automotive equipment and kits, look for CARTMAN on Amazon. There you’ll high-quality automotive products manufactured by them.

Let’s move on with their booster cable. The CARTMAN Booster Cable 4GA is a heavy-duty and reliable jumper cable. It can safely carry enough power to jumpstart any vehicle, both 12V and 24V battery engines.

Its four gauge cable makes it easy to use, and it will not tangle up so easily. The T-prene coating gives the superior cable resistance to abrasion, oxidation, oil, grease, and harmful chemicals. Also, it helps keep it flexible even in low temperatures.

Its clamps are also color-coded to help you identify which pole is which. It clamps are ergonomically designed for better grips and conductivity with the battery.

For easier jumpstarting, this product has a total length of 20ft. With this length, you’ll have no problem jump starting from cars that are distant from yours.


  • Affordable
  • Has other variants
  • Long
  • Tangle-free


  • Insulator coating is too thin
  • Copper coated aluminum

6. Forney 52878 Battery Jumper Cables

Forney 52878 Battery Jumper Cables

Today, some people find it difficult to find a trustworthy manufacturer. Why? Well, there are already a lot of startup manufacturers producing automotive supplies here in the US and from other countries, which makes it difficult to decide which one offers the best product.

Well, if you are looking for a trusted manufacturer with years of experience manufacturing automotive goods, then Forney Industries is something.

Forney Industries is one of the oldest companies here in the US. It was founded in 1932 by James Forney. They’re specialized in welding and metal-working products. And through the years, they’ve already made a lot of high-quality automotive, hardware, HVAC, and industrial products.

They have already created three distinct brands under them; one is the Forney, Industrial Pro, and the last is the ForneyHide. With over 80 years in experience manufacturing high-grade products, choosing any of their products ain’t a bad choice. Check out their website to discover all of its products.

Now for the main course. The Forney 52878 Jumper Cables are designed for heavy-duty use. There are four variants of their length; 12-feet, 16-feet, 20-feet, and the 25-feet. This is good; it allows you to have an option in purchasing a booster cable.

Other than its length, they are also made from high-grade materials. It is made from premium grade industrial copper welding wires. On its ends are heavy-duty 500A clamps.

If you are looking for good jumper cables, then they won’t come cheap. The Forney 52878 jumper cables are relatively expensive but are cost-effective. This cable will last for years, it will not make any breaks on its coating, and it won’t heat when used.

If you are on a tight budget, you can opt for the shorter and cheaper option available. But if you want to have the best, choose the 25-feet long variant.


  • Heavy-duty
  • Long; and has different length variants
  • Tangle-free


  • Expensive
  • Heavy

7. Kodiak Heavy Duty Gauge-1 Jumper Cable

Kodiak Heavy Duty Gauge-1 Jumper Cable

There are a lot of new brands popping out in the market today, which makes it harder for some consumers to distinguish which brand would do better.

This next brand we will be taking a look at doesn’t have any sort of website of its own. This made me think that this brand is relatively new. Still, their products have already made wonderful reviews from their consumers. In total, their products are doing pretty well.

Despite being a new player in the industry, they really know what their consumer actually needs. Their Kodiak Heavy Duty 1GA jumper cables can transfer a charge of about 800A to any receiver engine battery. Thanks to its one gauge copper cable, it can transfer the needed amount of charge to jumpstart any engine.

This product also has a length of 25-feet, which allows you to jumpstart your car even if the donor vehicle is behind you. Its length is also perfect for emergencies, especially when the donor vehicle is quite far from your car.

Whether you have a car, an SUV, van, or truck, these heavy-duty cable jumper cables are capable of delivering a steady flow of current required for jumpstarting. Its copper cable is also coated with a high-grade insulator.

Its parrot clamps are fully coated and have a strong grip power for solid connection on the batteries.

Purchasing the Kodiak Heavy duty jumper cables also includes a magnetic LED flashlight. This way, you will never have problems jump starting in the dark. You can just turn the LED flashlight and have it stick on the hood of your car to have a better view of the batteries.

Another amazing thing about Kodiak is that it has a 100% lifetime warranty if you purchase the Kodiak All-in-One Booster Cable Kit. Now that’s one heck of a deal.


  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Tangle-free
  • Heavy Duty
  • Long
  • Temperature resistant


  • Copper coated Aluminum
  • A bit heavy

8. FJC 45245 2 Gauge Jumper Cables

FJC 45245 2 Gauge Jumper Cables

Last we have is the FJC company. This company, right here, is also one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of power electronic products here in the US. To be more specific, they manufacture battery testers, chargers, maintainers, power inverters, jumper cables, and so much more. Other than power electronics, they also manufacture air conditioning tools and parts.

The company also produces refrigerant gases and accessories, oil, leak detection devices, gaskets, and other automotive tools and accessories if you are looking for quality jumper cables and other HVAC tools. They are considered to be experts in the air-conditioning and automotive industry.

The JFC 45245 jumper cables are considerably affordable compared to other counterparts. With that price, their specs are completely a thumbs up.

The product is made out of the commercial-grade cable with a regular coated steel clamp-on its end. This cable right here can freely transfer a 600A, enough to jump start any engine. It also has a length of 25-feet, which is a thumbs up for emergencies, especially when the vehicle donor is far from your car.

If you don’t need a car jumper on a weekly or monthly basis, or you’re not even a professional user, then this booster cable is for you. This affordable and life-saving jumper cable will come in handy when you get stuck on the side of the road, needing a jumper for your car.


  • Long
  • Affordable
  • Flexible
  • Heavy-duty


  • Has lower amperage
  • Copper Coated Aluminum


Comparison Table of All Jumper Cables

Table 1.0 Comparison Table of All Jumper Cables

Factors You Should Look Out For The Best Jumper Cables
Factors You Should Look Out For The Best Jumper Cables

Some car owners are having a hard time choosing which is the best jumper cables they should opt for. Well, apparently, I too struggled back then when I was about to buy my very first booster cable. So here are some basic factors you should keep an eye out for.


Always have a budget before purchasing anything. Why? Well, setting up a budget prevents you from overspending your fortune on things that aren’t really necessary. Remember, it pays to have a budget.


After you have already set your budget, searching for jumper cables will be easy. When you’re searching, always consider the price of each booster cable you came across with. A cheaper one may not be robust enough for you, which is why you should think of it as an investment, something that you will still be using in years to come.


I highly suggest that you would opt for jumper cables that are at least 12-feet long. If your budget can afford a longer cable, do so. The extra length will allow you to connect your car to the donor vehicle with ease.


This a numerical value that describes how thick is the copper wire inside the cable. Just by looking upon the Gauge value of a jumper cable, you’ll have an idea of the overall quality of the product.

The lower the gauge value, the thicker the wire. So what is range of wire gauge should you consider? Opt for jumper cables that have a gauge value of 4 to 1.


You should also consider the gripping power of the clamp. Stronger teeth allow the clamp to take a firm grip on the batteries. Also, if you ever have the chance to find a clamp that fits on your battery top, buy it.


The coating should be strong enough. Opt for cables with PVC coatings are well resistant to damage, cold temperatures, and other damaging substances.

My Pick

The Energizer Booster Cable Gauge-1 is my best pick for jumper cables. What impresses me with this product is its affordability and quality. I don’t frequently use my Energizer Booster Cable because I always have my batteries in good condition.

The reason I bought this is for emergency purposes. It has the right amount of amperage I need when I’m going to jumpstart my car, it is already long enough, and it’s easy to carry.

Now my question, what’s your pick?

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