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Royal Purple vs Mobil 1: Which Engine Oil is Better?

Royal Purple vs Mobil 1

Two of the most popular engine oils are Royal Purple and Mobil 1. Both are high-performance synthetic motor oils that are a little more expensive but give excellent results. What are the distinctions between Royal Purple and Mobil 1? Which is the superior option?

Motor oils such as Royal Purple and Mobil 1 ensure good engine performance and only need to be changed once a year. Their formulas are what separates them. Which one is superior is mainly determined on how and where you want to utilize it.

Some motorists say Royal Purple is superior due to its outstanding attributes. They claim that Royal Purple’s strong performance exceeds what Mobil 1 can provide. Others, however, argue that Mobil 1 is superior since it improves the car’s fuel economy and ride comfort.

Continue reading to learn more about Mobil 1 vs. Royal Purple, their differences, advantages and disadvantages, and which is superior.

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Royal Purple Performance Overview

Royal Purple is a lubricant firm based in the United States that specializes in industrial, automotive, marine, and racing lubricants. The Royal Purple 5W-30 is one of its most popular products. This lubricant is purple in hue, as the name suggests. The addition of a thermochromic pigment, which turns amber when the oil heats up, gives it this color.

This oil has a special Synerlec Additive technology as well as various performance filters that make it oxidation resistant and stable. As a result, the engine creates fewer deposits. Even the engine deposits are obliterated by this motor oil. The combination of synthetic oil and this technology successfully decreases engine heaviness.

Because it minimizes friction and enhances combustion efficiency, this lubricant boosts engine performance. It boosts engine horsepower and torque by 3 to 5% more than other conventional and synthetic oils.


Royal Purple motor oil has a high cohesiveness and adheres to metal surfaces even after the engine has been turned off. During cold start-up, this gives additional protection to the metal inside the cylinder.

It incorporates proprietary wear additives that decrease the potentially hazardous effects of fuel gas vapors. This lubricant is quite compatible with ethanol-containing synthetic and mineral oils. As a result, switching from other motor oil brands to Royal Purple will not be an issue.

Royal Purple also includes performance filters, as previously noted. This indicates that your vehicle’s engine has been enhanced with additional filtration protection. Only clean engine oil will be allowed into the combustion chambers of the engine thanks to these filters.


  • Oil changes are only done once a year due to the extended delay
  • Oil changes can last up to 15,000 kilometers
  • Miles per gallon have increased
  • It may be used on a variety of automobiles
  • Extends the engine’s life lifetime
  • Improves the start-up of the ignition, especially in cold weather
  • It’s suitable for a wide range of vehicles, including gasoline and diesel engines, automobiles, trucks, lawnmowers, and more
  • Enhances the quality of the ride


  • It is more costly than its competitors
  • The packaging can yet be improved

The best Royal Purple engine oil

Royal Purple 51130 API-Licensed SAE

What seems to be the most popular choice among Royal Purple engine oils is the Royal Purple High Performance Synthetic Motor Oil, which promises better wear protection, increased fuel efficiency, increased protection against LSPI, and so much more.

Metal-to-metal contact is avoided beyond the GM dexos1 and ILSAC GF-6 specifications thanks to improved additive technology. Fuel efficiency is improved when the coefficient of friction is low. In today’s turbocharged Gasoline Direct Injection engines, advanced additive chemistry helps eliminate Low Speed Pre-Ignition.

In routine industry testing, no rust was found. High-concentration gasoline-ethanol mixtures can cause white sludge and lubrication starvation, which can be avoided with patented additive technology. Patented anti-wear additive chemistry reduces the catalyst’s exposure to hazardous exhaust gases.


  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • Better protection for vehicle exhaust emissions equipment
  • Improved compatibility with fuels containing ethanol
  • Superior corrosion protection


  • Old stock only has an API SL stamp

Mobil 1 Performance Overview

Over the last 40 years, Mobil 1 has earned a reputation as a synthetic motor oil pioneer. It is still one of the best motor oils for strengthening and lubricating all types of engines. Because of its capacity to boost engine efficiency and lengthen service life, Mobil 1 has maintained its appeal over the years.

This lubricant is also known as annual oil, as it only needs to be changed once a year. It’s a 100% synthetic oil with a special SuperSyn protection system that protects engines in severe temperatures. This motor oil improves the life of an engine by preventing sludge and deposits from forming inside.


Mobil 1 also meets all of the synthetic oil standards. Its innovative composition includes a high-quality base oil as well as a unique additive package. Sludge and soot can be dissolved and removed with this lubricant.

Mobil 1’s components and lubricating qualities do not deteriorate over time. Even under the most adverse situations, the chemical components in the patented formula remain unchanged.

This motor oil can also help to increase engine performance and riding comfort. It has a mileage rating of 15,000 miles per change. That means you can drive your car throughout the year without worrying about changing the oil – regardless of your driving style.


  • Per oil change, the vehicle can travel 18,000 miles, implying that you only need one oil change per year
  • It is made possible by a well-known and trustworthy brand
  • Additional detergents for cleaning the engine are included
  • It is less expensive than its competitors


  • There is no performance filter included
  • It does not significantly enhance mpg
  • The ride quality hasn’t improved much
  • Only for automobiles that often travel on highways is this product recommended

The best Mobil 1 engine oil

Mobil 1 Supersyn Fully Synthetic Motor Oil

Our top choice for Mobil 1 engine oils is the Mobil 1 Supersyn Fully Synthetic Motor Oil, which promises guaranteed security. For 15,000 miles or one year, whichever comes first, proven protection of essential engine parts from lubricant-related failure. Longer service intervals are made possible with Mobil 1 technology.

The Advanced SuperSyn System provides a fully synthetic composition with remarkable oil life. Extra performance additives aid in providing superior engine protection. Engine seals and standard oils are fully compatible.

Long-Lasting Protection Exceptional protection for vital engine parts throughout long service intervals Reduces wear and controls oil breakdown to help extend engine life. Longer service intervals provide excellent engine cleanliness and wear protection.


  • Added overall protection
  • Ideal for high temperature conditions
  • Great for revving


  • Supplies run out quickly

Royal Purple and Mobil 1 comparison

Both products have API and ILSAC engine oil licenses that are current. They also have the GM Dexos 1 – GM’s latest global gasoline engine oil requirements. They both come with 5-year warranties.

Despite the fact that the oil itself does not go bad, the additives utilized may. All of this indicates that both Royal Purple and Mobil 1 are high-quality synthetic motor oils that can safeguard your engine and only require one or two oil changes per year.

Mobil 1 satisfies all of the contemporary synthetic motor oil’s standards. It’s based on Mobil’s patented recipe, which includes a high-quality oil basis and a proprietary additive package. The major advantages of this lubricant are that it keeps the motor clean and removes hazardous deposits in the form of soot and sludge.

It disperses soot well and dissolves deposits. At the same time, its unique features, such as viscosity indexes, remain unchanged. The product performs at its best for the duration of its life, i.e. from replacement to replacement.

Royal Purple motor lubricant is made up of a quality synthetic base and unique additives that help the engine run smoothly. API-licensed lubricants from Royal Purple provide outstanding protection and increase the performance of all types of motors. Most passenger automobiles, as well as light trucks and SUVs, have warranty standards that it meets.


Oil foaming and breakdown, engine wear, corrosion, and rusting are all combated by Royal Purple’s exclusive Synerlec Additive technology and performance filters. This aids in the control of oil flow and the capture and removal of impurities. As a result, the automobile is no longer heavy or sluggish, its gas consumption increases, and the ride is quiet and smooth.

Similarly, Mobil 1 features a proprietary SuperSyn protection system that combines a blend of high-performance synthetic base stocks with an additive component system to offer overall excellent engine protection and keep the engine operating like new.

Regardless, Royal Purple’s Synerlec Additive Technology strengthens the oil film and provides a one-time performance filtration solution. As a result, it is the superior product.

Oil change interval

Oil change intervals for typical driving are recommended by Mobil at 15000 miles and by Royal Purple at 12000 miles. This is around a one-year span for both goods. Engine oil should be changed every 5000-7500 miles, according to many oil brands. Synthetic oils, on the other hand, have been upgraded to last up to a year without needing to be changed.

The suggested period for changing your oil is determined by your driving patterns. The majority of car manufacturers divide driving patterns into two categories: normal and severe, and give oil change intervals for each in the owner’s manual. Mobil 1 is a better product because the frequency of oil changes is directly proportional to the amount of money spent on oil changes.


When these two motor oils were put through the TOEOS test, the results were quite different. At high temperatures, this test is used to determine the number of deposits in the oil. When heated, motor oils and other lubricants typically develop deposits.

If left unchecked, these deposits will deteriorate the vehicle’s efficiency and overall performance. With the rise of direct fuel injection and turbocharged engines, this is a significant factor.

Royal Purple had a deposit weight of ten out of a hundred. In contrast, Mobile 1 produced a deposit weight of 49 out of 100. Royal Purple, as you can see, has a lot less deposits than Mobile 1. As a result, in this Royal Purple Oil vs. Mobil debate, Royal Purple is the superior product.


Royal Purple has a huge benefit over Mobil 1 in that it may be used in practically any car brand. Royal Purple will perform a decent job, even if the higher-end brands don’t suggest them.

Mobil 1, on the other hand, is primarily designed for high-end street vehicles, the majority of which are from Europe. As a result, the number of cars in which Mobil 1 may operate is quite limited.

Ingredient quality

What goes into your machine or engine impacts how efficient it will be over time. The grade of the material used in engine oil determines the majority of this. Royal Purple makes use of a higher-end line of materials, as well as a proprietary blend of additives. These materials have been extensively tested and function incredibly well, yielding outstanding results.

Mobil 1, on the other hand, can source and produce higher-end chemicals thanks to its massive production capabilities. These are far superior to what goes into Royal Purple, which is why well-known automobile manufacturers recommend them.


Because motor oil must be changed on a regular basis, it can become an expensive burden over time. Royal Purple, on the other hand, delivers some of the most effective results at the most reasonable pricing. When it comes to oil changes, Mobil 1 is more likely to burn a hole in your wallet.


Should I switch from conventional to synthetic engine oil?

Check with the vehicle’s manufacturer before switching from conventional to synthetic oil. A dependable mechanic can also assist you with this.

What factors should you consider when deciding between the two?

The viscosity of synthetic oils should be investigated first since viscosity has a significant impact on how the fluid flows and lubricates the parts. It would also be beneficial if you took into account the cost. We often assume that the highest price equates to the highest quality.

However, this does not always occur. Attempt to obtain the best at a reduced cost. Mobil 1 is the best alternative in this case. This will enable you to save a significant amount of money. Apart from that, you should consider the cleaning agent formula, as this will help to keep your car’s engine clean and healthy.

Should I give my car’s engine a thorough flush before switching to Mobil 1?

When changing your engine oil to Mobil 1, you do not need to cleanse your engine. You may leave it alone.

How long does motor oil have a shelf life?

It depends on how your motor oil was stored. If you store the oil unopened and in a temperature-controlled environment, it will survive for many years. If you put it in an open container in the garage, though, it will not last as long.

How far can you travel with Royal Purple?

Well, that depends entirely on how you use your automobile and how frequently you drive. In addition, city or highway mileage must be taken into account. Royal Purple probably gets 9,000–20,000 miles per oil change on average. That works out to once or twice a year, which is excellent.

Is Mobil 1 oil all synthetic?

The solution is right there on the package. Mobil 1 Ultimate Annual Protection Full Synthetic motor oil is made entirely of synthetic materials. Brands occasionally sell synthetic blend motor oils, but you want full synthetic. On average automobiles, full synthetic motor oils are the best option.

Final Verdict

Both Royal Purple and Mobil 1 are excellent oils, with full synthetic formulations and adequate viscosity. Royal purple 5W-30 gives high performance service to trucks, passenger automobiles, or your everyday sedan for up to 12000 miles before changing the oil, thanks to its Synerlec patented additive and performance filter.

Mobil 1 5W-30, on the other hand, will last up to 15000 miles and is more cheap. It is more beneficial for highway driving than it is for individuals looking for a long-standing brand.

Based on what we’ve observed in our Royal Purple vs. Mobil 1 synthetic oil comparison, it’s clear that Royal Purple is a significantly better deal than Mobil 1. However, if you’re searching for something to put in a high-end vehicle, Mobil 1 comes out on top.

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