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Top 10 Best Octane Booster Reviews – Power Up Your Engine

Best Octane Booster

Do you want your car engine to perform better? Then you need to use the best octane booster in the market for 2020. Octane boosters are fuel additives that increase the octane rating of your engine.

Even though these fuel additives are not imperative for all automobile engines, still their claimed benefits work as expected. Some of its observable benefits include a smoother combustion process of fuel and lesser engine knocking.

With tons of choices in the market, surely you will have a challenging time choosing which is the best product. To make it easier, we have here a quick guide in choosing the features of an excellent octane booster. Likewise, we have included our comparison chart and in-depth product reviews of our top picks.

Stay tuned and read through the entire article to have a good grip on an idea.

Top 10 Best Octane Booster 2021

1. Lucas Oil 10026-PK 12 Octane Booster

Lucas Oil 10026-PK 12 Octane Booster

From the top hundred products, we chose this octane booster from Lucas as our top pick for 2019. We find its performance and price very cost-efficient in elevating the octane rating for most car engines. One bottle of this oil is good for 25 gallons of fuel.

Adding a full bottle of Lucas Oil can effectively add 30 points to the fuel’s octane rating. Doing the actual evaluation, you can see excellent improvement in the engine’s spark plugs, headers, coils, and overall torque. For older car models, this booster is suitable for the 1970s with the absence of a catalytic converter.

Overall, we find this as highly cost-efficient in elevating engine power and torque. Smoother combustion and better fuel/oxygen mixture.

The Pros

  • It promotes healthy posture with its thoughtful design
  • Its cover is breathable and washable thus prevent bacteria from filling up
  • It is very sturdy and durable
  • It is much thicker and wider than any other lumbar products

The Cons

  • It can be a little bit pricey for some buyers

2. Royal Purple ROY11757 Max Boost

Royal Purple ROY11757 Max Boost

This octane booster from Royal Purple is a superb substitute for lead fuel additives which are harmful to valve seats. Looking at its ingredients and actual usage, it can fairly increase a 91 octane fuel to 93 and 94 with one full bottle of it.

Car engines found in 2003 Mercury Marauder, 2016 M4 GTS, 2013 Honda Accord and alike are preferred to run using a 93 or 94 octane rating fuel. However, most gasoline stations have the 91 rating fuel. Despite having a small difference in the rating, still you would see observable changes in the engine power and run.

If you add a full bottle of this Royal Purple to every gas up you do. You would feel a significant change in the engine’s combustion and power. There is a higher compression ratio which results in better engine sounds.

Aside from that, it can fairly remove fuel deposits in your injectors and reduces engine knocking. Our doubts were removed as this product proved its worth in stabilizing fuel economy and quality.

The Pros

  • Reduce engine knocking
  • Higher compression ratio
  • Better engine power and torque

The Cons

  • May foul oxygen sensors

3. 104+ 10406-6PK Octane Boost

Royal Purple ROY11757 Max Boost

Car engines and fuel have taken a great leap as technology advances. This 104+ Octane Boost is one of those revolutionary fuel additives which works as expected in reducing knock offs and pings.

When you are driving on uneven off-road terrains, it is inevitable that your car experiences pinging. It requires better power and torque which cannot be completely satisfied with the typical 91 octane rating fuel. A bottle of this booster can be added to 18 gallons of fuel, pretty cost-efficient.

For an MR2 Spyder or old F150, they will never be happy with a 91 rating, thus, you need to add this fuel additive to increase octane rating by +3. This booster significantly enhances combustion and compression ratios which eliminates the sluggish condition of the car when going uphill.

Moreover, this product can fairly clean the fuel injectors of the engine by dissolving those stubborn deposits. It can also be used with those having oxygen sensors and catalytic converters.

The Pros

  • Enhances fuel economy
  • Cleans fuel injectors
  • Better engine power going uphill

The Cons

  • Nothing so far

4. BOOSTane Professional Octane Booster

Royal Purple ROY11757 Max Boost

In terms of enhancing overall engine performance, Boostane made significant proof of its claim. Trying out a quart of this additive can approximately increase your acceleration from 118 mph in 12 seconds to 120 mph in 11.7 seconds.

This fuel additive was tried to a Volkswagen Touareg with an engine specification of Supercharged V6 3 liter. It can be fueled with a minimum octane rating of 91, but to have a better performance it must use fuel with a 93 to 94 rating.

Buying 100 octane fuel from a gas station is very expensive, but adding this Boostane to your regular 91 can be a total saver. It can increase octane rating from 91 to 95. You would notice the improvement when your car no longer suffers when accelerating to a higher speed.

The Pros

  • Significant increase in octane rating
  • Better acceleration without any stress
  • Budget-friendly option

The Cons

  • It leaves an orange stain

5. Torco Octane Booster

Torco Octane Booster

For the price, this 32 oz can be your lifesaver when the 91 octane rating fuel in your regular pump station does not do a cut. Buying the entire case would be more cost-efficient as there will be a discount on every can.

When tried on a 427ci LS3 Silverado, the typical 91 ratings will not provide enough power during hot summer days. You need something cost-efficient to drive that 91 rating to around 93 to 95. Adding one can of this additive in every gas up fairly makes a difference than just leaving it at 91.

For car engines like Canam x3 turbo stage 5 tune, this additive can significantly keep up with the 95 octane requirement. Moreover, it has the ability to clean fuel injectors and enhances oxygen/fuel mixture.

Based on that, we can say it definitely lives up to its claim and allows you to save more on fuel consumption.

The Pros

  • Better fuel consumption
  • Economical fuel additive package
  • Increase octane ratings from 91 to 95

The Cons

  • Some red power residue but no negative effects so far with overall engine performance

6. STP Octane Booster 78574

STP Octane Booster 78574

This fuel additive from STP is popularly known for its 2-in-1 function – clean fuel injectors and boost octane rating. Likewise, this booster is fairly compatible with fuel systems without caps.

Cars today can readily take those lower octane fuel in typical pump stations. However, you would really feel the difference when you are using a fuel with a higher octane rating. For instance, a Mustang can run with 87 gasoline but using a 93 or 95 octane-enhanced fuel, the power becomes more noticeable when switching to your 6th gear.

When you are using this booster, you would sense better throttle and torque when switching to higher gears (4th to 5th). There is a significant increase in the engine’s performance when there are improvements in engine compression ratios, oxygen/fuel mixture, and cleaner fuel injection system.

Absolutely, there can be no wrong decision from trying out STP octane booster.

The Pros

  • Economical means of increasing octane
  • Lesser pinging while enhancing throttle
  • Smoother acceleration

The Cons

  • None so far

7.  Gumout 510022 Octane Booster

Gumout 510022 Octane Booster

There is much benefit from using fuel with a higher octane rating. It provides you better mileage and performance. Instead of buying expensive premium grade fuels from pump stations, this octane booster from Gumout can be your ultimate solution.

This octane booster fairly has what it takes to be an all-in-one solution for your fuel-efficiency campaign. One bottle of this booster can be mixed with 15 gallons of regular-grade fuel. Definitely, you save a lot compared to buying the premium grade ones.

The choice of using an octane booster completely rests upon you. Typically, a higher octane rating is necessary if your engine requires higher compression ratios or uses turbocharging or supercharging. However, if your engine can run on medium-grade fuel but can accommodate higher octane, then it is totally up to you.

Nevertheless, it has proven its potential by being an excellent fuel additive for all your octane and engine requirements.

The Pros

  • 1 bottle to 15 gallons of fuel mixture
  • Affordable solution for lower octane fuel
  • Better gas mileage and power

The Cons

  • Nothing to gripe about

8. Blendzall Octane Booster

Blendzall Octane Booster

This new fuel additive from Blendzall has shown significant potential yet to be discovered. There a few known market players for octane boosters which makes it hard for unpopular brands to be noticed despite having comparable benefits.

This product provides a more affordable option compared to popular brands while bringing out similar results. A bottle of this fuel additive to your daily gas up can fairly deliver excellent benefits such as preventing pre-detonation, higher compression ratios, better oxygen/fuel mixture, and enhanced mileage.

When mixed with your regular fuel, it can also clean your dirty fuel injectors by flushing out those small solid residues. If you are going uphill or pulling a load, you need to have extra power and you need this booster for your engine.

Another feature we admire from this product, it stabilizes condensation inside your fuel tanks. You have lesser fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

The Pros

  • Fuel stabilization
  • Lesser emission of pollutants
  • Reduced knocking and pre-detonation

The Cons

  • Lesser market base for now

9. Prolong Super Lubricants Octane Booster

Prolong Super Lubricants Octane Booster

Another octane booster worth praising is formulated by Prolong Super Lubricants. They maybe outrun by the popular brands but they provide at par benefits with them. Likewise, you can readily purchase it at a price under $20.

Whether your car is new or old, the need for a fuel additive is inevitable especially for severe driving conditions such as pulling heavy loads, going uphill, or driving on a hot summer day. Prolong’s octane booster can significantly cater to your demand for using higher octane fuel. It can increase the regular fuel’s octane rating from 87 to 93 or 94.

Some additives cause harm to oxygen sensors or catalytic converters, but for this one, it is definitely does nothing. Moreover, there is reduced pinging, knocking, and pre-detonation when using this additive for every gas up you do.

The Pros

  • Economical octane booster option
  • Cleaner fuel system and better engine revving
  • Increases horsepower

The Cons

  • Lesser market base for the moment

10. Liqui Moly Octane Plus 20134

Liqui Moly Octane Plus 20134

It is costly and dangerous to run your supercharging engine on low octane fuel. It can definitely harm your engine’s condition which leads to faster wearing and lower performance. To resolve this concern, you can use Liqui Moly Octane Plus as your ultimate partner for higher octane requirements.

Based on most feedback, it has completely been true to its claim of increasing octane rating by 3 to 4 points. Buying a regular grade fuel and adding Liqui Moly to increase its octane rating is more cost-efficient than gassing up for premium-grade fuel.

Aside from increasing octane, you get a cleaner fuel injector using this additive as it can dissolve deposits clogging in the path. With this, you can now escape the hassle of pinging and engine knocking which drives down performance.

The Pros

  • Increase of 3 to 4 points octane rating
  • Smoother strokes and combustion
  • Elevated horsepower

The Cons

  • None so far


Why You Should Invest In the Best Octane Booster?

Octane booster

The use of an octane booster is not compulsory but is a must for engines requiring higher compression ratios, supercharging or turbocharging. Below are some of the best reasons why you need a fuel additive.

Higher Octane Rating

Literally, the main benefit of this fuel additive is to increase the low octane rating of regular-grade fuels in pump stations. In the industry, octane rating is expressed in Research Octane Number (RON).

The RON of a regular grade fuel is 87. Adding an octane booster can increase it by 3 to 5 points depending on the quality of the additive.

Reduced Engine Knocking and Pinging

By increasing the octane rating, you can prevent engine knocking and pinging by premature detonation. The fuel and oxygen must have enough time to blend completely before combustion.

Knocking and pinging lower the overall performance of the engine and hastens its wearing.

Clean Fuel Systems

Most fuel additives in the markets are incorporated with a chemical that can dissolve solid deposits clogging up inside fuel injectors. Using these products will help you clean the internal systems of your engine.

Increased Horsepower

There will be instances where you need to carry heavy loads, drag trailers, go uphill or drive on hot summer days. For your car to survive these harsh conditions, it must have sufficient horsepower to move forward. Using an octane booster can be one of your best options for this requirement.

Fuel Efficiency and Reduced CO2 Emissions

Upon increasing the octane rating you are also increasing the power generated per volume of fuel. Consequently, you get more energy from each volume thereby consuming less fuel.

Likewise, the presence of an additive enhances the fuel and oxygen mixture which results in better combustion. Complete combustion of fuel results to lesser production of unburned fuel and carbon footprints.

What Makes The Best Octane Booster?

STP Octane Booster

Before making any hasty decision, here are some of the important factors you need to look for in buying the best octane booster for best engine performance.

Engine Compatibility

You need to check on the product label of the booster and the engine specifications of your car. If the octane rating of the booster is lower than what is required for the engine, it results to lower performance and risk of wearing.

Octane rating points

The main factor for measuring the performance of a fuel additive is how many points it can add to the existing rating of your fuel. Typically, most boosters can add rating points between 2 to 5.

Volume and Dilution

For practicality sake, if buying a larger volume or in bulk could give you more savings, then go for it. Buying in retail is only good if you are still trying out the product. Likewise, you can always test varying ratios between additive and fuel to get the most cost-efficient mixture.


Most of our purchasing decisions are dictated by the price of the product we want to buy. However, if the cost varies little compared to the better quality, then choose to pay for quality.

Saving a few bucks while compromising quality and engine condition is never practical.

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information, we have included some FAQs relevant to our topic.

What does octane rating mean?

This refers to the fuel’s capacity in mitigating the occurrence of engine knocking and pinging due to premature detonation of the fuel. In pump stations, you can see the octane rating on those yellow backgrounds that are written in black numbers.

What happens if I use a lower octane rating specified for my engine?

There will be low engine performance for such action and it elevates the risk for knocking and pinging. If done frequently, it can damage the entire engine and can compromise its warranty service.

Is it worth it to buy octane boosters?

If your engine requires high compression ratios or uses turbocharging, then buying an octane booster is more cost-efficient than buying premium high-grade gasoline. The average retail price difference between regular and premium grade gasoline has doubled – $0.25/gal to $0.50/gal.

Moreover, the reduced fuel consumption and minimal carbon footprints from your vehicle add up to its overall benefits.

Why some car engines require high octane fuel?

Fuel with high octane rating is commonly used for engines requiring high compression ratios or which uses turbocharging or supercharging. These types of engines draw more oxygen into the cylinder which allows more energy extraction from combustion.

However, to prevent any premature detonation your fuel must have a high octane rating to compensate with elevated pressure.

Where does 85 octane rating fuel typically sell?

This type of fuel is tolerable for carbureted engines and is commonly sold in places at higher altitudes because of the lower atmospheric pressure. Using this type of fuel for modern vehicles is not completely suitable as there are recommended octane ratings specified for those models.

What fuel stabilizers do?

There will be instances when your car will be unused for a month or more and it has a few liters of fuel left in the tank. The idle fuel in the tank eventually decomposes to various components of hydrocarbons.

In this situation, there is a higher risk of contamination and alter quality. To prevent the decomposition of your fuel, you need to add a fuel stabilizer to keep it in good shape.

When is the best time for using octane boosters and fuel stabilizers?

Fuel stabilizers are added into your fuel before storing and not using your vehicle for a period longer than 30 days. Meanwhile, octane boosters are preferably used every time you gas up. The more frequent you will be using octane boosters, the better will be the performance of your engine.


Based on our comparisons and reviews, we highly recommend Lucas Oil Octane Booster as our top choice for this list. For a minimal investment, it allows you higher efficiency as one full bottle can be mix with 25 gallons of fuel. Moreover, it raises your octane rating by 3 points, so if you are using 91 octane then it becomes 94 octane.

Another benefit worth praising of Lucas Oils is that it is compatible with catalytic converters and oxygen sensors. It also contains ingredients that help clean the internal system of your engine. If you have an old vehicle, this one can completely supplement its lost power which is useful for harsh driving conditions.

Nevertheless, the final decision of choosing which one is the best booster totally rests upon you. Hopefully, we have given you worthwhile information that will help you in the choosing process. If you find this article useful, kindly share it with your friends or colleagues.

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