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9 Best Windshield Sun Shades – Product Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Windshield Sun Shade

Keeping your car cool and comfortable whenever you park them ain’t supposed to be a difficult thing, right? But the truth is, the simple matter of choosing the best windshield sun shade would do wonders for you. Getting the best sun shade that fits your windshield might not be the top priority whenever you buy your vehicle but it does make a huge difference when you come to think about it. Such a piece of flimsy equipment does give you protection from the harmful rays of the sun whenever you park on the street, exposed to the elements.

It’s not complicated, isn’t it? Not when we have compiled a great list for you to choose the best one that suits your particular needs.

Browse through our list and pick the one you feel would fit your needs perfectly. Remember, not only do sun shades protect your interior from being thermally uncomfortable but they also protect your dash from getting cracked and damaged due to exposure to heat.

Best Windshield Sun Shades – Take Your Pick!

Not all sunscreens are created equal. Getting the one that best fits your needs is often an afterthought. But when you factor in the protection they provide, you know that getting them is of utmost importance. Selecting the best windshield sun shade would be easy and cheap as we have a list that wouldn’t cost you a Jackson bill.

1. Kinder Fluff Car Sun Shade

Kinder Fluff Car Sun Shade

For ease of use, great overall comfort and the best bang for your buck, you have got to choose Kinder Fluff Car Sun Shades. Why? The question is, why settle for less when you’ve got an obviously great item that’s going to protect your car properly?

Whether you have a compact car or a bigger, gas-guzzling beast of a vehicle, Kinder Fluff Car Sun Shades got you covered. It not only is affordable but comes in a pack of four (two transparent sun shades and two semi-transparent sun shades, plus a storage bag). Now if that doesn’t impress you, then perhaps, the fact that their semi-transparent shades provide the best sun protection would as they use 80 GSM mesh which is much better than the usual 55 GSM.

They’re easy to install and uninstall. All you need to do is wipe the windshield or window with a damp piece of cloth and place the shade with the static side on to the surface and voila! Instant protection in seconds. And when you want to remove them, all you got to do is peel them off and you’re done. Easy as 1-2-3, isn’t it?

They’re also extendable and can be overlapped to suit your particular windshields. As we’ve said, whether you’ve got a small car, a mid-sized one or a monster truck, we’ve got you covered. Another good thing? When you’re not using it, they can be stored pretty easily, away from your eyes, but always within easy reach, thanks to the storage bag that comes with it.


  • Uses 80 GSM mesh which is better than the normal 55 GSM mesh used in most sun shade products
  • Easily installed in seconds, just use a damp cloth to wipe the surface and stick it up
  • Easily removed as you only need to peel it off from the surface
  • Convenient to store and comes with its own storage bag
  • Foldable


  • If improperly handled and installed, bubbles may appear during the application
  • The residue may build up after peeling
  • Folding and storing may be complicated for some

2. Magnelex Windshield Sun Shade

Magnelex Windshield Sunshade

If you’ve got yourselves a compact car and you want superior protection, then the Magnelex Windshield Sun shade is perfect for you! It comes in two sizes – medium (59 inches by 31 inches) and large (63 inches by 33.8 inches) so you’ve got a choice which one you think would cover your entire windshield. Yep, you’ve got that right – your entire windshield, covered using one piece of sun shade.

It’s made of reflective polyester fabric that not only blocks the sun’s rays but also ensures that your interior would be cool enough after a long day parked under the sun. This protects your dash and your car seats, too, as it does give you full protection. You save a lot of money as well as you don’t have to wait for your AC to cool your car before you drive away comfortably.


  • Made of reflective polyester for superior heat protection
  • Instant pop-up
  • Easy to handle, lightweight – only 4.5 ounces!
  • Foldable and convenient to store
  • Risk-free money-back guarantee


  • Comes in only two sizes, so you have to measure your windshields properly
  • Folding may be difficult for some at first
  • Frames aren’t rigid

3. Shade-It Car Windshield Sun Shade

Shade-It Car Windshield Sun Shade

Another pick that gives you different choices – the Shade-It Windshield Sun Shade comes in four – yes! You read that right, four – sizes! It comes in small (60.75 inches by 28.25 inches), medium (64 inches by 30.5 inches), large (63.5 inches by 33.75 inches) and extra-large (67.75 inches by 35.5 inches), giving you a selection that keeps your vehicles totally covered – and fast!

The product reflects up to 99% of sunlight as it is made of silver-coated, reflective material. It does offer you full-on protection for your dash and seats. It is also durable as it’s made of nylon and uses 210T threading which is significantly higher than the competitors.

Additionally, it’s virtually tear-proof as it is double-stitched and has a strong metal frame and has a part that acts as a spring that makes it easy to fold and store. Unlike ordinary sun shades, Shade-It folds into a compact, round shape that you can store in the glove compartment, the side door or your center console – as they say, easy-peasy.


  • Reflects 99% of the sunlight
  • Made of silver-coated, reflective material to keep the sun from heating up your interiors
  • Uses 210T threading
  • Double-stitched construction
  • Convenient to store


  • Getting it up maybe a problem especially if you didn’t measure properly
  • The frame may be unstable as it is made of thin wire

4. EcoNour Car Windshield Sun Shade

EcoNour Car Windshield Sun Shade

The EcoNour Car Windshield Sun Shade offers you 100% protection from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. It helps you to maintain the ideal temperature of your car’s interior and also protects your GPS mechanisms, car consoles, and your seats. It’s also weather-proof so you get your car protected no matter the weather conditions.

It comes not in three sizes, not even four but five sizes – the extra small (59 inches by 19 inches), the classic (59 inches by 27.55 inches), standard (60 inches by 32 inches), large (63 inches by 35.4 inches) and the extra-large (67.7 inches by 37 inches). So, no matter what size vehicle you may own the EcoNour Car Windshield Sun Shade has got you covered.

Made of durable, lightweight material, it does protect you and your car properly as it deflects 99% of the sun’s rays. It installs in seconds. It is also easy to fold and store as it folds into 1/10th of its fully-opened size. You can store it on your car’s visor, the side door panels or even in the glove compartment. It’s so compact when folded, you might even forget about it! Seriously, it’s that good.


  • Made from nylon polyester material
  • Pops up and ready to install in seconds
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Easily folded
  • Convenient storage


  • Little extra flaps, part of the overall design, may be cumbersome
  • Measurements may be too small or too big depending on your actual windshield size
  • Folding it back to normal may prove to be challenging at first

5. Pro Shade Sunshield

Pro Shade Sunshield

The Pro Shade Sunshield does as its name suggests – it protects your car from the sun. Since ultraviolet rays damage your dash and your interior mechanisms as well as the seats, getting this product would definitely help you out tremendously.

Easily set up, you wouldn’t have to worry about using clasps or wires to set it in place. It pops up out of the container and all you have to do is to put it against the windshield, find the best protection and coverage for you and then flip down your visors to hold them in place. To be honest, it’s pretty easy.

When you’re finished, you just have to fold it up once more and you’d get to store it anywhere. It’s quite compact when stored so it wouldn’t be a hindrance at all. At a whopping 2.4 ounces (yes, we know, right?), you know you wouldn’t have any problems with its weight.


  • Made of lightweight material – 2.4 ounces overall
  • Easy to install – pops open in seconds
  • Regulates the temperature of your car
  • Excellent coverage


  • Comes in only three sizes
  • Accurate measurement is needed
  • Folding the item may be a problem at first

6. BDK 2 Dogs Auto Windshield Sun Shade

If you’re into novelty and standing out from the crowd, the BDK windshield is going to be the best windshield sun shade for you. Compared to other sun shades that look generic, the Sun shade is above and beyond way better as it’s got two dogs driving as its design. You’d be able to spot your car no matter how far it may be!

It’s a one-size-fits-all product measuring a robust 58 inches by 28 inches, so it fits most car windshields. It is made of dual-layer bubble design that keeps your interior cool, effectively reducing the temperature by 30-50 degrees. It keeps your interior free of harmful ultraviolet rays and keeps your dash and other electronic mechanisms working much longer.

The tapered design allows you to have a snugger fit on your windshield and you don’t need any suction cups to hold it down. All you need to do is to have your rearview mirror support it and voila, your interior is going to be protected. Also, it is reversible and gives you the same level of protection on both sides.

Putting it away is not a problem as it folds like an accordion. It wouldn’t give you any problems with maintaining its shape as it has Velcro closure mechanism to keep it safe and secure. It also weighs a rather light 12.8 ounces but it does pack a punch in protecting your cars.


  • One-size-fits-all
  • Eye-catching design
  • Snug fit due to tapered design – better overall protection
  • No need to tie, just flip down your visor and it stays up


  • Image is not fade-resistant
  • Prone to chipping and flaking off
  • Edge warping can happen if exposed to too much heat

7. A1 Windshield Sun Shade

A1 Windshield Sun Shade

Weighing in at 8.8 ounces, the A1 Windshield Sun Shade is one of the best windshield sun shades you can find on the market. It does its job properly as it covers the whole of your windshield, thereby reducing the interior temperature while also ensuring that your interior mechanisms are safe and sound. The sun shade is made of 240T fabric which is thicker than the normal material used by other companies.

It does offer seven different sizes so you have a lot to choose from. You would have to measure your windshield properly and get the right measurements to get a rather snug and acceptable fit. However, once it does get on your windshield expect full coverage from one side to the other without using suction cups or even your rearview windshield as support.


  • It pops open and gets folded quite easily as well
  • Comes in seven different sizes
  • Superior windshield coverage
  • Made of 240T fabric


  • Needs accurate windshield measurement
  • Price is higher than the rest


8. WeatherTech TS0034 TechShade Windshield Sun Shade
WeatherTech TS0034 TechShade Windshield Sun Shade

Coming in at 1.9 pounds, the WeatherTech TechShade Sun Shade is quite robust compared to other sun shades. It measures 41 inches by 7.2 inches by 7 inches so it offers full coverage for your windshield.

It is double-sided – the reflective side for summer to prevent the interior from getting scorching hot – the black side for winter to keep your car warm enough for you to be comfortable to drive straightaway. So, it does double the work for the price of one!

Once you’re finished using it, all you have to do is roll it up and use the clasp that goes with it to keep everything in place. No muss, no fuss about intricate folding techniques – just roll it up and store it.


  • Made of high-quality material
  • Double-sided – one reflects the heat, one keeps heat from escaping
  • Superb coverage
  • Roll and clasp after using – provides for convenience


  • Fit may be suspect if the windshield isn’t measured properly
  • Bigger storage space requirement

9. Ohuhu Windshield Sun Shade

Ohuhu Windshield Sun Shade

If you’re looking for the best windshield sun shade in terms of installation, then the Ohuhu Windshield Sun Shade is the one for you. Once it pops out of the container, all you have to do is to make sure that the reflective silver cloth faces out, place it against your windshield and then fold the sun visors down. Voila, superb UV protection in mere seconds.

It is a one-size-fits-all type of product as it measures 63 inches by 29 inches overall. You’d be golden if your windshield fits these dimensions as you’d get superior protection. The price is also in the lower range so your budget wouldn’t be strained at all. Oh, and we almost forgot to mention that it weighs only 1.6 ounces and folds like a dream for easy storage and retrieval. And it does come with a one-year replacement warranty, so you get great bang for your buck.


  • Made of reflective silver material cloth
  • No need to tie up, prop it up and let the visor support it
  • Lightweight at 1.6 ounces
  • Convenient storage


  • One-size fits all
  • The frame may be too flimsy
  • Folding may be difficult at first

What to Look for in the Best Windshield Sun Shades

What to Look for in the Best Windshield Sun Shades

We have already detailed the pros and the cons of these nine windshield sunscreen sun shades so we know we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the things that you have to consider whenever you need to replace your sun shades for better protection

Windshield Coverage

Choose the sun shade that covers the most real estate on your windshield. Measure your windshield properly so that you would have an accurate fit. Better on the bigger side rather than the small side as getting a slightly bigger sun shade would mean better coverage overall.

Ease of installation and storage

Do you need to tie it up? Or do you need to just flip the sun visor down? Or just prop it up against the windshield? Make sure that you choose a product that you would be comfortable using over and over again. Yes, you only open it once at the beginning of the day and fold it after the day is done but you have to be able to do it pretty easily.

Also, does it store easily? Factor in the process that you need to do when you’re trying to store it. If you’re uncomfortable with too much folding, then move to another product that doesn’t give you fits.


Choose a product that is durable and would stand the rigors of repeated use. Check for the material – is it stable. Check the stitching and the quality of the frames. Every little detail counts.

Our final say… The Best Windshield Sun Shades

Based on the reviews that we made, it is clear that the best windshield sunscreen sun shades in the market right now is the Kinder Fluff Car Sun Shades. Not only do they provide you with better windshield coverage but they can also provide different levels of transparency. They are not only affordable but they are also durable and will thus provide you with the bang for your buck you want in a product.

Being one of the top-selling car accessories in Amazon is testament enough that the product is way better than what you expect. The hype is definitely real on this one.

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