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Best Custom Chevy Emblems to Customize Your Ride

Custom Chevy Emblem

They say that the car you drive is a reflection of who you are, so what better way to show off your personality than by adding a few customizations to your ride?

In this article, we’ll show you the best custom Chevy emblems that you can get and add to your Chevrolet so you can set yourself apart from the rest. All of these emblems scream (some whisper) personality, so if unique is your name, these Chevy emblems are for you.

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Our favorite custom Chevy emblem finds

Below is a list of our top 14 favorite custom emblems for Chevrolets:

1. Front Illuminated Bowtie Emblem

Front Illuminated Bowtie Emblem

Want to look modern, techy, and sleek? This Chevy bowtie emblem with cool blue lighting lets you do just that. It personalizes the aesthetics of your car exterior with the prominent bowtie logo that comes in a nice, subtly patterned black, and the blue light not only elevates your style, but also makes sure that your new logo can be seen from miles away.

This is a high-quality aftermarket emblem that is guaranteed to meet the compatibility and fit requirements of your Chevrolet vehicle. It’s by no means cheap in terms of construction- in fact, it can pass as a production emblem.

2. Pink vinyl overlay decal

Pink vinyl overlay decal

Nothing says fun personality and style than a splash of bright, hot, funky pink. So, if Mean Girls or High School Musical or Legally Blonde are your favorite movies, this custom emblem is right up your alley.

Now, this isn’t an emblem in itself; instead, it’s a two-piece vinyl material measuring 5 by 12 inches each that you can cut and stick on your existing (boring) factory emblem, either on the grille, trunk, or both. No worries though, since it’s safe under car washes and inclement weather.

3. Projector Door Shadow Light

Projector Door Shadow Light

If you want a show-stopper every time you open your car doors, this projector door shadow light in the trademark Chevrolet bowtie is exactly what you need. It looks fun and fancy, but more importantly, it also adds to your safety.

That’s because it lights up your immediate path for those evening rides and late-night drive-throughs. This is a wireless auto modification ghost light that warns others of your exit in the most elegant way possible.

4. Custom Skull Evil Set

Custom Skull Evil Set

For those with a dark, edgy, metal kind of humor, you will absolutely love this Chevy emblem with embossed skulls. It looks just the right touch of moody and dark and slightly evil without making your car look like a moving haunted house.

It’s also easy to install since it’s made of superior quality ABS with a self-adhesive material at the back, and it’s particularly perfect for Chevy Silverados (though it won’t work with 2019 Next Gen models). You can put it on your grille or the rear tailgate- wherever you want, basically.

5. Camo bowtie sticker decal

Camo bowtie sticker decal

We just absolutely love how this camo decal makes you think of Southern things and military. And, it doesn’t look hillbilly either. In fact, it manages to look classy and elegant, thanks to the silver metal trim.

Like the pink decal, this one’s also made of vinyl, so you have to cut it and paste over your existing emblem. That said, it’s super easy and quick to do so, and within minutes, you’ll be rocking a brand new emblem that shows off your roots.

6. Black and White American Flag Bowtie

Black and White American Flag Bowtie

This one’s probably the best way to show your love of country. It’s perfect for those with a Chevy Silverado 1500 from the 2014 to 2018 models. We chose the black and white version so it’s not too in-your-face, but if you really want, there’s also the full-colored option in true flag form.

This vinyl decal is easy to use just by peeling, sticking, and cutting. You don’t even need special tools or refined skills, and if you put it on properly, it can last for a good five years. Oh, and did we mention that you’re getting not one, not two, but three pieces of vinyl so you can customize your car’s front and rear emblem, AND also have an extra for practice? Sleek!

7. Tailgate Insert Letters – Black USA Flag

Tailgate Insert Letters - Black USA Flag

Alternatively, you can opt for a louder statement piece and scream patriot with this tailgate insert that comes with the design of the USA flag. It’s in monochrome, like the decal above, but it’s sure to last longer since it’s made of high-tech molded plastic.

Truth be told, it might be your only option if your Chevy is from the 2019 model, since the vinyl decal only works for vehicle models up to 2018. Nonetheless, it’s certainly a great choice for a great and meaningful auto exterior customization.

8. Punisher with Crossed Swords

Punisher with Crossed Swords

This one’s kind of like the skull bowtie we talked about earlier, but without the bowtie altogether. So, what you’re getting is a much more unique, personalized, and stylish emblem that doesn’t look as grungy but still makes it clear what you’re really into.

This bold design is intricately detailed and made of stainless steel with welded studs for secure mounting. You can interchange and remove it anytime you want, and you’ll also get mounting hardware also made of stainless steel.

9. LED Cup Holder Lights

LED Cup Holder Lights

Not technically an emblem but still a great addition to your beloved Chevrolet are these LED cup holder lights bearing the Chevy name and logo. These two-piece cup holders can light up in seven different colors, and can even automatically change the light based on intelligent sensing, which detects breath patterns, vibrations, movements, and ambient light.

Of course, as a cup and bottle holder, it’s waterproof. What’s really impressive here is that it also features a couple of USB connectors for quick charging and long operations. Pair it up with the blue light bowtie emblem we showed you earlier and you can customize both your Chevy’s interior and exterior.

10. Satin Black and Chrome Grille

Satin Black and Chrome Grille

If you’d rather the Chevy letters rather than the bowtie logo, this sleek and subtle black and chrome grille is a great option. Its intricate design is made by machine to ensure precision quality, and its high-quality stainless steel construction, including the mounting hardware, is sure to last for the years to come.

What you’re getting here are two pieces of Chevy plates that you can mount on your front grille and rear tailgate. If you want your ride to look heavy, sturdy, and manly, this one’s the way to go.

11. Chevy Flag Die-Cast Front Fender Trim

Chevy Flag Die-Cast Front Fender Trim

Meanwhile, for vintage and racing enthusiasts, as well as for those who own classic Chevrolet car models, be sure to check out this die-cast Chevy flag emblem. It’s the perfect customization to your restored classic auto to make it look unique and show-ready.

This is designed to be mounted on the front fender trim of older Chevy models such as the 1964 to 1967 Chevrolet Impala, 1965 to 1967 El Camino and Chevelle, and 1965 to 1967 Chevy II Nova. All installation hardware is also included in the package to make mounting easy.

12. Sparkly bling car emblem

Sparkly bling car emblem

Want to feel rich and famous and absolutely fabulous? This shiny and sparkly crystal bling will surely set you apart- at least, in the name of cars and custom emblems. With hundreds of high-quality small glass crystals, everyone around you is sure to get blinded whenever you drive by. (No they won’t, this is road-safe, we promise.)

We really like that the seller even accepts custom requests so you can further personalize your car customizations and make things as unique and you as possible.

13. USA Car Door Projector Light

USA Car Door Projector Light

Another option for the car door lights is this one with the signature Chevy bowtie, but in the colors of the USA flag. With the clear and bright image provided by the latest HD chips, your favorite Chevy logo can be projected on the gravel whenever you open your car door.

It’s eye-catching, it’s stylish, it’s safe, and it can serve as warning lights to alert passersby of the opened car door. It’s also easy to install with the use of adhesive tapes and magnets that nicely stick on the flat part of your car door’s bottom edge. So, you don’t have to worry about damaging your car’s appearance and focus on enjoying the fun and functionality of the lights.

14. Custom Trail Boss Emblems in Black

Custom Trail Boss Emblems in Black

Last but not least is this seemingly simple rectangular plate that’s designed to replace your boring factory emblem. Its subtle appearance is perfect for those who want to customize their auto without going all-out and looking like a theme park.

Like most of the other custom emblems on this list, this one’s also easy to mount and install, and is designed to be compatible with your Chevy. You’ll also get two plates- one for the front, and one for the rear.


That’s it!

With a little piece of material, you can add a nice touch of personalization to your vehicle. Which of these custom Chevy emblems did you like the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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