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Buying Guide & Reviews Top 10 Best Car Ramps


For all car enthusiasts and DIY mechanics, car ramps are much safer and offer more stability for long hours of working underneath your vehicle. Compared to jack stands, they are only suitable when working for shorter times as allowing great pressure concentration on a single joint is prone to bending or dropping off.

In the market, there are hundreds of car ramps to choose from with various brands of specific reputation. This will never be an easy task even for the intermediate level car mechanics. To help you out, we have made this simple buying guide in ensuring you made the right choice for buying that ramp.

Likewise, we made our top 10 best car ramps for 2020 and an in-depth product reviews for each product. Hopefully, we will be able to impart excellent insights in your journey of choosing the right car ramp for your needs and budget.

Top 10 Best Car Ramps

1. RhinoGear 11909ABMI Ramps


After going around hundreds of car ramps in the market, we have made our mind of choosing RhinoGear Rhino Ramps as our top pick for 2020. The important features of being a great car ramp such as anti-slip base and sturdy built have been completely whipped off by this product.

Looking at its price vs quality, we would say it more than a great trade-off. We like the rugged texture of where the tire would rest on the ramp. There are enough grooved lines to enhance friction and grip between the tire and ramp.

Each ramp can fairly take on 12,000 lbs of weight which is great for any car models. The anti-slip base of this one is patented and works as expected in preventing slips. Its resin material is genuinely sturdy and able to withstand sufficient pressure. Moreover, we also love how they consider space-saving action in the garage or inside the vehicle when carrying this ramp.

The Pros

  • Solid resin car ramp material
  • Anti-slip track patented track patterns
  • Cost-efficient price and quality

The Cons

  • Perhaps increasing vertical clearance in future innovations

2. Electriduct Rubber Curb Ramp


Our second runner for best car ramp comes from Electriduct. This one has a higher weight lifting capacity. One ramp can fairly take on 20,000 lbs of weight. This works well with campers and other heavier vehicles.

The material used for this is industrial grade reused rubber. Based on its performance, there is zero denting or deformation upon using this ramp on heavy vehicles like a 32 feet RV. One ramp weighs around 25 lbs which are fairly heavy.

Surprisingly, you will never feel it budge when backing over these ramps. It firmly holds unto the tires and the base can keep a sufficient grip on the ground. Despite the amazing features of this ramp, we found two gripes about it.

First, the rear height is supposedly 5.5″ but it is around 5-1/8″. The second gripe is about its smelly rubber odor. Right out of the box, it does have a distinct smell, but it wears off as you let it exposed in the air for hours.

The Pros

  • 20,000 lbs weight capacity
  • Excellent tire grip and stable base
  • Solid rubber material

The Cons

  • Smelly rubber odor and the rear height is around 5-1/8″

3. Pyle Heavy Duty Plastic Curb Ramps


We might have prejudices regarding plastic curb ramps as being breakable and not effective at all. However, this one from Pyle proves us wrong as two ramps can fairly withstand 3.3 tons or 6,600 lbs of weight. Taking that, it can effectively lift motorcycles, trailers, sedan cars, scooters, and wheelchairs.

The plastic material used has a sufficient tensile strength to completely live up to its specification. Other things worth praising from this ramp are its affordable price, versatile function, and lightweight.

In contrast, the gripes we found from it includes its 4.1-inch lift and it can no longer accommodate heavier weights. Nevertheless, we find this ramp great for all-around usage.

The Pros

  • 2 piece ramps with 6,600 lbs capacity
  • Lightweight and space-saving
  • Affordable price

The Cons

  • Cannot take on heavier weights
  • 4.1-inch lift

4. Discount Ramps 6009-V2


If you have a low-profile automobile which a car jack cannot readily lift, this ramp is your best solution. It can effectively lift these car types like the 2010 Grand Sport Corvette to a 2.5-inch height. After, you can now readily use your car jack or another ramp with a higher vertical lift.

A pair of this ramp can completely raise 4,400 lbs of weight with ease at an inclined angle of 9.05 degrees. The mechanism is neat and practical for low-level cars. We also admire the honeycomb perforations of this ramp in preventing moisture from stacking up which contributes to an elevated risk of slipping.

The tire stop groove works as expected, so long as you go smooth and slow up the ramp. Overall, we find this an excellent ramp for low-level vehicles.

The Pros

  • Best for low-level automobiles
  • 4,400 lbs capacity
  • Honeycomb channels to allow moisture to drip down

The Cons

  • Not enough vertical lift for maintenance

5. Nicky Nice Solid Steel Ramp Set


A steel car ramp is an excellent substitute for breakable plastic curb ramps. The solid and sleek design of this steel ramp is admirable. When it comes to lifting height good for maintenance, this one perfectly provides it.

The weight capacity of this ramp is 6,500 lbs for a pair or 2,000 lbs for each ramp. This is an excellent all-around ramp for your weekly car check-up and maintenance. The steel material of this product is fairly made from high-quality industrial-grade steel. The polished exterior finish provides a solid resistance against corrosion.

It comes with a slightly higher price compared to the plastic curb and low-end rubber ramps. However, we would say it is not a bad trade-off in terms of durability.

The Pros

  • Durable, well-polished steel ramps
  • Strong tire grip and stable base
  • Excellent height for maintenance

The Cons

  • Slightly pricey but worth for durability

6. BunkerWall Tandem Axle Leveler Ramps


If you are looking for quality ramps to provide full support for both standard and tandem wheel axles, then this Bunkerwall ramps is your perfect choice. The pair has a weight capacity of around 10,000 lbs, and it includes two-wheel levelling ramps.

For design and construction, we would say it is well-built. Stabilizing your 27-foot trailer or RV while parking is critical and this one can effectively do its job of providing optimal support. The anti-slip tire texture and base work as expected.

This ramp can lift the wheels 4 inches above the ground, which is fine for the purpose. Overall, this serves as a good option for your trailer and RV leveller requirement.

The Pros

  • 10,000 lbs weight capacity
  • Guaranteed anti-slip tire function
  • Solid material and construction

The Cons

  • 4-inch lift

7. Guardian Industrial Products DH-UP-5 Ramps


If you want another excellent ramp alternative for heavy vehicles, this serves its purpose. Its premier quality industrial grade rubber material made it possible to accommodate higher weight capacity.

The criss-cross groove patterns of this ramp provide enough traction to hold the tire in place. Likewise, upon rolling over it, it does not budge or runs. We also like the 32-degree inclination it provides in effectively providing a lift of 5.25 inches.

For vehicles reaching the maximum capacity of this ramp, it has two pre-made holes where you can bolt it down for a firmer hold on the ground. For the price and quality, nothing can be wrong from trying this one out.

The Pros

  • Higher-weight capacity
  • Pre-made two holes for better bolting down the ability
  • The solid industrial grade rubber material

The Cons

  • Heavy ramp

8. Race Ramps RR-Rack Ramp


We have another charming option for a lightweight ramp with a surprising weight capacity. For a 7.5 lb ramp, it can effectively accommodate 1,500 lbs of weight without breaking or damage. Hence, two ramps have a capacity of 3,000 lbs.

We admire how such a lightweight fellow can have like 200 times holding capacity. You cannot find any grooved or rough texture on the surface but the rubber surface of this ramp provides better traction on the wheels.

Wish this could have had a vertical lift of 5.5 inches instead of its 3.9 inches. From this, we can say it is suitable for low-profile automobiles where a car jack cannot readily be used for lifting.

The Pros

  • Excellent rubber texture traction
  • Stable base grip
  • Lightweight and excellent for low-profile vehicles

The Cons

  • Low lifting clearance

9. Tomioka Racing Super Car Ramps


This is another good ramp choice for low-profile vehicles. It’s very lightweight, each ramp weighs around 5 lbs and a pair can hold around 3,000 lbs weight. We also like the honeycomb channels of this ramp as it helps prevent moisture stacking up on the surface which causes sliding.

The tire stop groove at the end works as expected as long as you go nice and slow up the ramp. The plastic material used for this racing ramp is decently sturdy and solid. The main gripe we have for this is its low lifting clearance of around 3 inches.

Nevertheless, as a ramp for low-level cars, it works as expected. For the price, it seems to be fair when looking at the quality it offers.

The Pros

  • Excellent ramp for low-profile automobiles
  • Solid plastic material
  • Anti-moisture build-up abilities

The Cons

  • Low lifting clearance
  • Need to improve the stability of their base with a higher weight capacity

10. Shop Tuff STF-924TWR Ramp


Looking at its material and weight capacity, we can say it is a good ramp for tandem wheel changing. It has a capacity of 12 tons for one pair and its material is from industrial grade hard plastic.

This serves as a good ramp for RVs and trailers. It is built for heavy-duty liftings and levelling. The 5.5-inch lift it from the ground is good for changing tandem wheels. You would also see there are small round rubber materials along the ramp surface which helps in better tire traction.

The rear tire stop groove seems to be not enough for a heavyweight vehicle. Nevertheless, this serves its purpose and it has good durability and capacity for the task.

The Pros

  • 6 tons capacity per ramp
  • Enhanced tire traction
  • Solid industrial-grade plastic

The Cons

  • Rear tire groove ends is seems flimsy

Why You Should Invest In the Best Car Ramp?


Comparing car ramps and a car jack, the former provides much stability and stability when it comes to long hours of tweaking the undercarriage of your vehicle. Car jacks and wheel axles are suitable for short to medium duration repairs only.

Allowing great pressure to constantly linger on the joints of car jacks and wheel axles increases the risk of slipping or breaking. Not to mention, a slight deviation from its center of gravity can make the vehicle collapses to the ground.

When it comes to price, car jacks and wheel axles offer higher upfront cost and maintenance. Meanwhile, car ramps just need to be properly stored to reduce footprint. There is little to zero maintenance with car ramps than with those two other tools.

Then again, car jacks and axles are still inevitably useful for all-around car repair and maintenance.

What Makes The Best Car Ramp?


Before making any purchase, make sure you know what are the necessary things you need to look for when buying a quality car ramp. Below are some of the important considerations you need to know.

Weight capacity

Car ramps like car jacks and axles have the sole purpose of lifting vehicles to a specific vertical clearance. It is best if you take note of the usual weight range of your vehicles when buying a ramp. In general, the capacity of ramps ranges between 3,000 to 40,000 lbs for one pair.

If you own a mid-size automobile, then you need a car ramp with a capacity between 6,500 to 10,000 pounds. Roughly, the price for this ramp falls between $20 to $150.


There are three main materials used in making car ramps with industrial-grade rubber as the first choice, followed by hard plastic and steel. Ramps made from industrial hard plastics have the least cost, while steel ramps have the most expensive one.


Looking at the surfaces of most ramps, they have various groove patterns which enhance tire grip upon contact. You can see criss-cross, vertical, or horizontal groove patterns. Likewise, a few of it also have a tire stop groove at the front wheel part or the rear section.

Some ramps even have a honeycomb channel which directs water down the ramp to avoid slippage.

Pre-made Holes

This feature can be typically seen on ramps used for heavier vehicles like trailers and RVs. At the rear bottom section of the ramp, you will see two pre-made holes where you can use to bolt down the ramp for better ground stability.

Inclination Angle

The angle of inclination for all ramps matter as it affects the height of the lift. An inclination angle between 10 to 17 degrees will just have a low lifting clearance, probably between 2.5” to 4”. Meanwhile, a higher inclination angle will give you taller lifting clearance which can range between 5” to 9”.

Tips on Proper Usage of Car Ramps

rampDespite being more stable and safer than car jacks, improper usage of ramps would render its overall function useless. Here are a few tips on properly using car ramps and ensuring your safety and the car.

⦁ Find a level ground for parking:

You cannot just readily use your ramp anywhere. You need to choose a flat and level terrain in using your car ramp to avoid the risk of sliding and collapse.

⦁ Position your Ramps:

Grab your pair of ramps and place it in front of your wheels with the lower slope facing the tire. Make sure you have aligned the ramp centrally with the tire.

⦁ Slowly Drive and Climb Over the Ramp:

After securing the position of your ramp, go on a slow speed drive and carefully climb over the ramp.

⦁ Use your hand or parking brake:

Once you have fully climbed up the ramp, pull your handbrake or activate the parking brake.

⦁ Supplement Wheel Stability:

After, grab two wheel chocks and place one before each wheel on top of the ramp.


Based on our overall screening, we highly recommend RhinoGear Rhino Ramps as your all-around car ramp for small to midsize automobiles. For the price, we find it undefeated as it can accommodate 12,000 lbs of weight. There are no worries with slipping for its ramp provides enhanced traction to hold the tires in place.

Moreover, there is less hassle with small garage space as it is fully nestable. You can never be wrong from choosing this ramp for your daily maintenance requirement.

Then again, the final decision still rests upon you. Carefully weigh all the details, benefits, and setbacks of the products. Conduct your market research.

If you find this article helpful, kindly share it with your friends and colleagues who will benefit from it. You can also check out our other relevant articles for further insights.

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