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10 Best Ceramic Coating for Cars: Review And Buying Guide

Best Ceramic Coating for Cars

Did you know that ceramic coatings are so much better than your traditional car wax when it comes to protecting your beloved vehicle from the harsh effects of the various outdoor elements?

That’s because ceramic coatings come with lots of different benefits such as enhanced durability. These products also make your vehicle’s exteriors look more attractive, and the results are long-lasting, too. This is why ceramic coating products have become highly popular on the market, and the demand for them just continues to grow.

That said, it’s important to choose the best ceramic coating for your car, so you can get the best level of protection that also offers great value for your money. Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

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Top 10 Best Car Ceramic Coatings

No matter how well you take care of your vehicle, the elements will eventually take a toll on your paint job. So, you need the best ceramic coating to preserve it and keep it looking like you for longer. Here’s a list of the best options that will offer the most dependable and long-lasting protection for your car.

1.  CarPro Cquartz 50ml Kit – Ceramic Coating Finish

CarPro Cquartz 50ml Kit - Ceramic Coating Finish

Our best pick is the CarPro Cquartz 50ml Kit – Ceramic Coating Finish, which boasts of a superior 70% Sio2 that has 99.9% purity to give your car an ultra hard surface like armor, and finish everything off with a sleek, glossy shine. This is all thanks to the exclusive nanotechnology that offers resistance to UV radiation and chemical stains.

The best part? Its excellent results in premium performance last for up to 2 years. Trust us, this is a durable fast-acting formula that gives you the ultimate self-cleaning performance with its excellent hydrophobic qualities that make it prepared to water and dirt, and even help it prevent more than 50% of marring from light washes.

It’s easy to see why it’s the preferred choice of many car owners. This solution is also relatively easy to use as long as you know what you’re doing. For best results, use it with the CarPro shampoo so you can properly clean your car after use. Finally, it’s important to note that you might need professional assistance when it comes to removing the coating.


  • Fairly easy to apply
  • Ultra-hard premium finish
  • Excellent hydrophobic qualities
  • Complete coating kit


  • Must be used with the CarPro shampoo
  • Somewhat difficult to remove

2.  Ethos Handcrafted Car Care Ceramic Wax PRO

Ethos Handcrafted Car Care Ceramic Wax PRO

In second place is the Ethos Handcrafted Car Care Ceramic Wax PRO, which is made with silica infusion technology that makes for optimum clarity and excellent shine. This 30% pure silica also offers excellent protection against UVA, UVB, and other environmental hazards, not to mention providing superior resistance to oxidation and corrosion.

Moreover, this coating is also fingerprint and scratch-resistant. It’s even water and stain repellent as well, making it easy to do car maintenance without having to worry about water swirls and spots. In fact, you don’t need to be a professional to apply this finish perfectly.

For instance, if you accidentally apply too much of the product, you can easily wipe it off to ensure even coverage. It creates a semi-permanent membrane that is durable and offers a year’s worth of protection. All in all, this ceramic coating gives you reliable performance for an affordable price.


  • Water repellent and UV resistant
  • Easy, tool-free application
  • Durable with long-lasting results
  • Best budget option


  • Coating might crack

3.  Color N Drive Deep Gloss 9H Car Ceramic Coating

Color N Drive Deep Gloss 9H Car Ceramic Coating

We also highly recommend the Color N Drive Deep Gloss 9H Car Ceramic Coating, one of the most durable ceramic coatings we found that lasts for an impressive five years, or somewhere around 150 car washes. It’s easily one of the longest lasting ceramic coatings available on the market today.

This coating not only guarantees protection from all sorts of issues such as stone chips, scratches, acid rain, and frost, it also leaves a nice, mirror-like aesthetic. It’s also UV resistant so your paint job will last longer without fading or cracking.

Moreover, it comes as a complete kit filled with all the tools you need, including microfiber cloths, coated sponges, a spray bottle, and safety gloves. This is a user-friendly solution even with the long preparation time required to let you get the best results.


  • High gloss, mirror finish
  • Premium 9H protection
  • Water and scratch-resistant
  • Lasts for up to 5 years


  • Confusing instructions
  • Lengthy prep time

4.  Nasiol ZR53 Nano Ceramic Coating

Nasiol ZR53 Nano Ceramic Coating

Taking the fourth spot is the Nasiol ZR53 Nano Ceramic Coating, a dual layered product that provides a hard top layer and a softer bottom layer that bonds with your vehicle’s paint in order to fully protect your car from the elements while still maintaining elasticity and flexibility. It’s a versatile solution that you can use on your headlights, trims, rims, and bumper.

It features a hydrophobic effect that ensures any splash of water will bead and roll off your car immediately upon contact, even taking dirt and dust with it. This is a 9H water-repellent veneer that can offer paintwork protection of up to three long years, protecting every single detail of your car’s exteriors while also giving it a nice crystal gloss effect.

Plus, you’ll also get this as a complete kit that comes with an application pack, two pairs of safety gloves, and two microfiber gloves. It’s also fairly easy to use, and there are plenty of video tutorials online that you can follow. You’ll also only need a single coat of the product to achieve ideal results.


  • Showroom quality shine
  • Dual layer of protection
  • Excellent durability
  • Versatile range of applications


  • Long curing time
  • May leave some residue

5.  Migliore Strata Coating: High Gloss SiO2 PRO

Migliore Strata Coating High Gloss SiO2 PRO

Ranking fifth is the Migliore Strata Coating: High Gloss SiO2 PRO, which makes use of innovative technology by integrating nano-bionic particles in its formulation in order to produce a tough and durable 3D structure with a mirror-like shine. This also ensures premium performance by providing reliable protection against a variety of elements.

These include UV rays, harsh chemicals, tree sap, bird droppings, and even scratches. Its glossy ceramic particles create an armor that boasts of a deep gloss to keep your paint job looking shiny for a long period of time, while also resisting water spots, swirling, and streaking.

All in all, this ceramic coating is a great and reliable option that is user-friendly but also delivers professional quality results. Not to forget, it’s also easy to apply as well! You can even use it on your trim, rims, and exhaust.


  • High gloss armor
  • Hydrophobic and self-cleaning
  • Versatile range of applications
  • Quick user-friendly application


  • Only lasts for a year
  • More expensive than other options

6.  Sonax 236941 Ceramic Coating CC36

Sonax 236941 Ceramic Coating CC36

Another promising option is the Sonax 236941 Ceramic Coating CC36, which isn’t too expensive but can easily match the level of performance of many of its higher-end counterparts, therefore giving you a great value for your money.

It comes as a complete, all-inclusive kit that includes a 75ml bottle of the base coat, the gloss coat, a microfiber cloth, two application sponges, and a pair of safety gloves. Straightforward and easy to follow instructions are also included. You might also receive a preparation solution if you’re buying it from Europe, though it’s not available in US markets.

Applying this ceramic coating is an easy two-step process that won’t require too much time, since you can simply apply the first layer, wait for about an hour of curing time, then finish things off by applying the second and final layer.


  • Extreme wear resistance
  • Deep gloss finish
  • Multi-layer coating
  • Best value for mone


  • Only lasts for 1 year

7.  Adam’s UV Ceramic Paint Coating Kit – 9H Ceramic Coating

Adam's UV Ceramic Paint Coating Kit - 9H Ceramic Coating

You’ll also love the Adam’s UV Ceramic Paint Coating Kit – 9H Ceramic Coating, which boasts of its 9H hardness rating and long lasting performance of up to 2 years or around 190 car washes. It gives you a transparent and durable nanocrystalline coating that is hydrophobic and offers great protection against most contaminants and hazards.

We are talking about UV rays, chemicals, dirt, and dust, not to mention scratches and swirl marks. This product is also user-friendly and easy to apply even for those who aren’t really skilled when it comes to vehicle maintenance. It also comes as a complete kit that includes two soft towels and applicator towels, along with two microsuede applicators.

Perhaps the only downside is that applying this coating is quite a labor intensive procedure that requires a lot of preparation and will take around 24 hours in total. If that doesn’t work for you, the brand also offers quicker solutions with shorter curing times.


  • Premium quality solution
  • Excellent, shiny finish
  • Hydrophobic properties
  • Lasts for up to 2 years


  • Requires a lot of prep
  • More expensive than other options

8.  High Gloss Ceramic Car Coating Kit

High Gloss Ceramic Car Coating Kit

Don’t forget to try the High Gloss Ceramic Car Coating Kit, which works great in preserving your car’s paintwork and protecting it from all forms of contaminants, such as salt, UV rays, and stone chips, due to its 98.5% pure veneer and unique molecular characteristics that give it a superior quality coating with hydrophobic gloss.

It boasts of excellent scratch and UV resistance even at high temperatures, and can also protect your vehicle from oil oxidation and acid rain. As a matter of fact, its stable molecular structure guarantees excellent performance and long-lasting results, which can last for anywhere from three to five years, depending of course on certain factors.

All these and more are the reasons why lots of people swear by this product. Various satisfied users even claim that this ceramic coating is an ideal choice for vehicles that are often subjected to harsh environments.


  • Deep Gloss finish
  • Nano synthetic technology
  • Highly durable and tough
  • Affordable option


  • 12 hour curing time
  • You may need more than 1 bottle

9.  Nano Bond Ceramic Coating PRO Premium Car Care Kit

Nano Bond Ceramic Coating PRO Premium Car Care Kit

You might also want to consider the Nano Bond Ceramic Coating PRO Premium Car Care Kit, which works for various types of vehicles such as cars, motorbikes, RVs, and boards, thanks to its unique formulation that creates an ultra-secure bond with the paintwork on your vehicle. This design gives you a variably elastic multi-layer coating that can shield you from various hazards.

For instance, this coating offers excellent heat resistance, high abrasion resistance, and reliable protection against damaging UV rays along with heavy ice and snow, not to mention mud and dust. This can even prevent corrosion and oxidation. Basically, you’re getting superior year-round protection.

Plus, it’s quite easy to use even though you’ll have to spend lots of time during preparation. That said, you should consider buying more than one bottle of the product especially if you have a bigger vehicle, since just a single bottle may not be enough.


  • Versatile range of applications
  • Sleek crystal gloss
  • Excellent hydrophobic properties
  • User friendly and easy to apply


  • Relatively expensive
  • Lengthy prep time

10. Shield One Advanced Nano Hydrophobic Coating

Shield One Advanced Nano Hydrophobic Coating

Last but not least is the Shield One Advanced Nano Hydrophobic Coating, which really excels in protecting your vehicle’s exterior from wearing thanks to its superior hydrophobic properties that can effectively repel water. This solution can even enhance and deepen your paintwork’s color to make you stand out better.

That’s because it features a nano-coating solution with advanced polymer protection that leaves you with a finish that looks smooth and even. It also forms secure bonds with your paintwork at a molecular level. Plus, it’s a versatile solution that you can use on your exterior and interior alike, and can even be used on wheels, glass, and plastic components.

What we really like about this product, however, is that it doubles as a clay bar lubricant and a glass cleaner. Simply put, it’s an excellent multi-purpose product that you can use not only on your vehicle, but also on your RV, boat, and even your home.


  • Ultra-hydrophobic properties
  • Advanced nanotechnology formulation
  • Water and dirt protection
  • Ultra-versatile application


  • Short term solution as compared to other options

Best Ceramic coating for cars buying guide

Best Ceramic coating for cars buying guideIf you want to find the best ceramic coating for your car, it’s important that you understand what separates a good product from a mediocre, cheap quality one. Here are the most important factors you need to consider:

Type of coating

Ceramic coatings are typically clear finishing coats applied to the body of a vehicle. These solutions make use of liquid polymers (or other compounds) that chemically bond with the vehicle’s paintwork to protect it from a variety of contaminants and hazards.


Polymer or epoxy is the most popular type of ceramic coating. It creates a permanent chemical bond with your car’s factory paint so the two can become one layer that’s tough and resistant to damage. Once this coating is applied, the only way to remove it is by polishing or abrasion.


A quartz or silicon dioxide coating is perhaps the hardest type of ceramic coating. This forms a strong armor with high levels of hardness to fully shield your vehicle against scratches and debris, while also preserving it’s “like new” appearance and withstanding years of abuse.


A hybrid coating is a combination of polymer and quarts, making it arguably harder and also enabling it to create a protective shell that forms around your vehicle. The performance of hybrid coatings are still debated today.

Durability and longevity

Durability and longevityNot all ceramic coatings are made the same; some are more long lasting and durable than others. As such, what you need to do is find a good balance between price, ease of application, and longevity of protective properties.

Think of it this way: a ceramic coating’s purpose is to protect your car’s paint job and keep it looking good as new. This function should last for a long time so you don’t have to keep reapplying every so often.

To give you an idea, affordable coatings can last anywhere from a year to five years depending on the quality of the product, whereas higher-end options, which are significantly more expensive, can last longer than your engine.

Now, your decision should be based on how you use your car. If you take it out once a week, a cheap coating would work just fine, but if you regularly go off-roading, you’ll need a heavy duty solution that can withstand lots of abuse.

Hardness level

Ceramic coatings come with different ratings on their hardness level, which refers to the coating’s ability to resist scratching and damage. Essentially, the harder the coating is, the better it will be at protecting your car’s exterior. The best ones in the business are those with a 9H rating, which means diamond-level hardness.

Ease of use

Not all ceramic coatings are easy to apply. Some require plenty of preparation, others need hours or days of curing time, and some are easy to use even for beginners. No matter how skilled you think you are, it’s always best to find an easy to use product that will take little time to apply and won’t require the use of extra tools and equipment.

The intended use of your car

Again, where do you plan on driving your car and what will you use it for? While your average coating may work for most personal commuter cars, they just won’t do for a work truck, an SUV that visits lots of construction sites, or a pickup that is often driven off the road.

Your car’s age

When it comes to ceramic coatings, you want these products to bond to your car’s paint, not the car itself. This can be a problem with old cars that are showing faded and damaged paint. As such, you need to find a more suitable solution, as well as repair your paintwork and fix all dents before applying a coat of ceramic formula.


Ceramic coatings are available in a wide range of prices. Cheap products can cost under 40 dollars and give you short term protection with mediocre quality and minimum durability, while mid-range solutions can last you up to five years and also offer a professional quality finish. You’ll also find 9H coatings starting at this price range.

But if you really want the best level of long lasting protection, head on to the top-shelf products that cost at least a hundred dollars. These coatings will last for the entire lifetime of your car, keeping it looking good as the day you bought it.

Bonus: application tips

As we mentioned before, applying ceramic coating can be easy, or it can be labor-intensive and time-consuming. It all depends on the product. However, the general process is largely the same, and will require you to wash your car first and get rid of any contaminants before applying the coating. Here are a few tips you can follow to achieve the best possible results:

  • If you are using a spray coating, cover your windows and panels. And, make sure to clean any spills before they dry.
  • It’s also important to make sure that you have good ventilation since the coating’s chemical components may be hazardous to your health.
  • Apply the coat with a steady hand to ensure even coverage. Remember, thick spots won’t be easy to buff.
  • Once you’re done spraying, clean the nozzle so that the product won’t dry out and seal the nozzle shut.
  • Regardless of the curing time recommended on the product label, it’s ideal to let your car naturally dry for around 48 hours to ensure that you’re getting the best results.
  • Wash your car gently but thoroughly once the coating has had ample time to cure. Make sure that there are no buildups and residue.
  • When washing your vehicle, use one bucket for the car wash soap and another one for clean water to rinse off your washcloth with.
  • Don’t forget to regularly wash your car at least twice a month.


The best ceramic coating for cars will effectively protect and preserve the paintwork for a long period of time, while also keeping your vehicle looking amazing and ‘brand new’. Our best recommendation for you is the CarPro Cquartz 50ml Kit, which gives you an armor-like coating with a nice, shiny finish that can capably protect your car for the years to come.

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