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The Best Websites That Allow for Virtual Truck Customization in 2021

Virtual Truck Customization

Buying a pickup truck is arguably one of the best decisions you can make. But, that doesn’t mean yours have to look exactly like the thousands of others out there. That said, wouldn’t it be nice if you can get a customized truck from the get-go?

Here’s a piece of good news for you- there are lots of automotive dealers that offer truck customization services. And to make things easier, they even have a feature on their website with virtual truck customization that allows you to design your dream truck, so you can see how it can look like all before going to the showroom.

You can customize trucks to your heart’s content, make any sort of changes and visualize the results, save your preferences, and even get a direct quote on how much your customized truck will cost.

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Top 5 websites for virtual truck customization

There are many websites that allow for virtual truck customization, but not all are made equal. These are the five best websites that offer unlimited options from wheels and tires, suspension, color, and various other accessories. These websites are designed with clean and responsive dashboards so you can have an easy and fun time designing your dream pickup.


Interactivegarage.comOne of the best websites when it comes to virtual truck customization is It has a simple and straightforward web design that’s user-friendly. It allows you to customize pretty much anything from the pickup truck of your choice.

You simply have to start with choosing the year, make, and model of the truck you want, and then select your desired sub-model. After that, you’ll be given a wide array of options from paint color, front bumper, cargo racks, and so on.

The website has a really interactive interface and responsive menu, so you can see in real time how the truck looks with each customization you make. There’s also essential information at the bottom of the screen that gives you an estimate of how much all the customizations and accessories cost.

You can then click the button “email vehicle build” to get in contact with the company so they can send you more information regarding your dream truck, details about purchasing, and even nearby retailers where you can complete your transaction.


Ultrawheel.comThere’s also, which largely caters to sports and off-road vehicles, as you will immediately notice after looking at its impressive database of vehicles, vendors, and customization features.

Here, you’ll have to go to the iConfigurator dashboard, fill in your preferred vehicle year, make, and model, then play around with the colors and wheels, as well as a few other customization options depending on the truck you’ve chosen.

The website interface is fairly minimalistic and straightforward, and the options they offer are somewhat limited (but all good) so you won’t be overwhelmed and intimidated. And once you’re done with your customized truck, you can opt to click on the dealer location button so you can select from a list of suitable retailers where you can purchase your dream truck.


Fueloffroad.comAnother good alternative is, which is actually an online dealer specializing in wheels and tires for various types of vehicles and automobiles. On their customization dashboard, you’ll see plenty of options for pickup trucks.

However, since they mainly sell wheels, their customization options are therefore generally limited to wheels and tires. That said, even with the limited choices, the dashboard can still be highly effective.

Plus, one great thing is that the dashboard features a save button so you can get a screenshot of your dream truck once you’re done. You can even check out their database of dealers and enter your postal code to select from the nearby retailers if you want to go through with your purchase.

4. you are a fan of Honda vehicles, you might also want to try to customize your dream cars and trucks. What’s great about this is that you are 100% sure of the automotive’s quality and performance, since it will come straight from Honda.

If you want to customize a pickup truck, you can scroll down the dashboard and look for the section for minivans and trucks, then select your preferred vehicle year, make, and model, and hit the “build” button to start.

After that, you’ll be taken to a new page that shows you different versions of the truck you’ve selected. Pick a version you like, and play around with the many different customization options including interior and exterior color, interior and exterior accessories, wheels, electronics, powertrain, and so on.

You can then click “view your build summary” to see the total price of your truck design, which lists down detailed costs from the base price to any accessories you added.


3Dtuning.comFinally, you can also check out, which actually offers, by far, the most comprehensive virtual truck configurator online. On this website, you can really customize everything, including the engine.

It’s also pretty straightforward to use. From the home page, click the truck configurator button then hit start and wait for the menu to load. Once you’re there, you can basically build your dream truck from scratch.

You’ll be given plenty of choices when it comes to the front and rear brakes, front and rear wheels and tires, front and rear bumpers, the taillights, and many more. You can even have your design and share it on social media.

Other websites you can go to for virtual truck customization

Other websites you can go to for virtual truck customization

Aside from the five best websites I’ve reviewed above, here are a few more virtual truck customization platforms you can use to design that dream truck of yours:

  •– With the RAD-Rides configurator, you can customize everything from the wheels, tires, and car accessories in just a few clicks.
  •– AC-MN gives you an easy to use, interactive, and highly responsive dashboard that lets you design your dream truck and see how it can look like with all the parts you want.
  •– The beauty of this website is that it doesn’t just let you customize your dream truck, SUV, or jeep, but also gives you cost estimates and provides you with other helpful information.
  •– if you’re a fan of General Motors vehicles, you’ll like using the GMfleet configurator. Just be prepared to enter your zip code before being able to use the truck customizer.
  •– 3mskins is another excellent website with tons of amazing features that allow you to play around with your dream pickup so you can get it to look exactly how you want to before you purchase it.
  •– the Autobytel dashboard features a clean and clutter free in-house menu that is easy to use and is highly effective, so you can design your truck in a jiffy.

Factors to consider when customizing your truck

A car or truck isn’t just a vehicle that transports you from point A to B. It’s also a statement of who you are, and this is why many vehicle owners take time to ensure that their trucks reflect their taste and personality, often going to lengths to fully customize the vehicle so it looks nothing like the factory-made model.

To help you end up with the right vehicle that you’ll be satisfied with for many years to come, and will give you the best value for your money, here are some of the most important things to consider when it comes to buying trucks and truck customization:

Your goal vs your budget

Customizing cars and trucks is a fun but often costly process, especially if you really want to go all out in your modifications and change up everything from the inside out. What sorts of customizations you want to do, how extensive they are, and the materials you use all factor in the total cost you’ll have to spend to get your dream truck.

If you really want to be satisfied with the end result, however, it’s important to be clear on your goals, including being specific on the things you want and how you want them. It’s also just as essential to set a budget based on these goals, and proceed carefully so you get the best deals and don’t overspend while still getting the truck of your dreams.

The truck’s performance and your safety

One thing you really have to keep in mind is that customizing any vehicle changes its dynamics, and depending on the type and degree of modifications, the way that vehicle functions and performs can drastically be affected.

For example, raising the car by a few inches can influence how the car responds to bumps and depressions. Even changing the exterior paint color affects the vehicle’s visibility on the road, especially at night.

As such, it’s a must to do thorough research and only work with trusted mechanics when you’re doing customizations, so you can be sure that the truck performs the way it’s supposed to and your safety is never compromised.

Warranty and insurance

Another thing you need to be prepared for is the possibility of losing your truck’s warranty and insurance coverage, since it’s quite easy to claim that the vehicle is not anymore in the same condition that it originally was when the warranty was issued.

The best and safest way to proceed here is to get the advice of experts before you do any customizations on your vehicle, so you can avoid damning changes and know what to expect afterwards.

And when it comes to insurance, typically, the more modifications you make on your vehicle, the higher the insurance premiums get, so you need to be prepared for that as well.


Overview Virtual Truck CustomizationThe fun thing about buying vehicles like cars and trucks is that you don’t have to limit yourself to the standard-issue models you’ll see in showrooms. Rather, you can build your dream truck yourself with all the parts and accessories you want right from the beginning.

And, you can do it all by using virtual truck customization websites and platforms that are user-friendly, effective, and gives you an accurate idea of how your dream truck will look like, and even how much it will cost and where you can buy it.

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