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A List of RV Furniture Outlet Stores You Should Check Out

RV Furniture Outlet Store

There’s nothing more fun than life on wheels, and this can easily be your lifestyle by transforming your RV with the right furniture and other modifications, so it can be your own home away from home.

When looking for the best RV furniture, the most important thing is that it offers comfort, security, and of course, room for movement, so your RV can really feel like a homey place to be, no matter where you are.

To help you in this journey, here are the best RV furniture outlet stores that you can check out in order to find the right furniture and outfittings for your new mobile house.

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Top 18 RV Furniture Outlet Stores

Check out these top 18 RV furniture outlets stores that are sure to offer great finds when it comes to new and secondhand RV furnitures, starting with the top 5 international retailers of various goods:

Online retail marketplaces:

1.  Ikea

ikea.comOne of the best places to buy any sort of furniture is, well, Ikea. All their products are affordable and built with great quality, so you can’t really go wrong with your purchase. Sure, these may not exclusively be RV furniture, but you’ll see that they do the job just fine.

That’s because Ikea furniture is generally lightweight, smaller, and narrower than many of your typical pre-built furniture, and as such, won’t cause an issue in overloading your RV and making it feel cramped.

This furniture also comes disassembled, so you’ll be able to get them inside the RV without a hassle. Plus, they are just so much cheaper than specialized RV furniture. Besides, you can also get some amazing convertible and space-saving pieces, such as two-in-one cabinets and tabletops.

2.  Amazon


Amazon is one of the leading online marketplaces in the world that supply a variety of products, including, of course, RV furniture. You can find plenty of amazing deals from some of the most well-known brands and manufacturers here, some even with free shipping promotions.

You’ll also find furniture that comes with Prime shipping. And whatever the case may be, Amazon generally has a great track record for fast and reliable shipping, so there’s no need to wait for months just for your order to arrive. Their customer service is also pretty amazing, and is very receptive to returns and exchanges.

There’s a wide selection of various RV furniture, from mattresses, sofas, tables, recliners, and more, even outdoor furniture and camping gear, so you won’t run out of options to choose from.

3.  eBay


Another online selling platform with a wide reach is eBay. Now, it may not be one of the first things that come to mind when scouring for RV furniture, but rest assured, you’ll be able to find lots of new and used selections, most of them affordably priced.

One issue with the site, however, is that not all sellers are reliable, and there’s really no guarantee that you’ll end up with a good quality product. That said, their customer service is excellent- they protect their customers well, and they have a fairly easy return and exchange policy.

It’s also relatively easy to purchase from eBay, as the majority of sellers have “buy it now” and “make an offer” options.

4.  Walmart


You can also try retail chains like Walmart. They have plenty of RV supplies inside their brick and mortar stores, and a wide selection of RV furniture on their website, including sofas and recliners from RecPro, mattresses in different types and sizes, indoor and outdoor tables, and more.

Plus, Walmart gives you plenty of options when it comes to your purchase. For example, you can have your order shipped directly from the manufacturer, or from the Walmart warehouse, or you can even pick the item up in the nearest Walmart branch.

5.  Craigslist


If you’re more in the market for discounted items, good quality second-hand finds, and even free furniture, you can always head to your local Craigslist site and start from there. Chances are, you’ll find something that you’ll be able to use for your RV.

Of course, it’s largely a chance and luck game, as the selections will be based on the ads and postings of people near you, and it’s also difficult to ascertain whether the seller is reliable and trustworthy.

What you can do to increase your chances of finding a great deal is to check out Craigslist sites for other states, especially those with a fairly large RV community. Just prepare to have to drive for several hours or pay ridiculous amounts for shipping if you do find an item you’d like to get.

Online RV furniture stores:

6.  RV Furniture Center

RV Furniture Center

RV Furniture Center is an established family run business that originally started as a brick and mortar store in Idaho, and has since grown into one of the leading RV furniture suppliers in the country. You can browse and buy furniture from their website, or do it in their showroom to avail of their installation services.

They offer a wide range of items from regular upholstered furniture like sofas, recliners, seats, and dinettes, top quality memory foam mattresses specialized for RV beds and pullouts.

7.  Camping World

Camping World

One of the biggest retailers nationwide when it comes to RV furniture and accessories is Camping World, which, like RV Furniture Center, used to be a brick and mortar store that now also sells their collections online. They even offer new and used RVs that you can buy.

Whatever type of furniture or accessory you need, such as indoor and outdoor furniture, chances are, you’ll find them on Camping World. They also ship in many other countries aside from the US.

They also have an excellent full-service call center and customer support, and even offer furniture removal and installation in their physical stores.

8.  Bradd And Hall

Bradd And Hall

If you don’t mind spending a little more money on something that will ultimately look like the RV of your dreams, Bradd And Hall is an excellent provider of custom-built RV furniture. They specialize in solid wood furnitures, and take around 4 weeks from conception to shipping.

You can browse their website, showrooms, and authorized dealers for standard designs or get in contact with them for something more specific and personalized, and they will make it happen.

They have a wide selection of mattresses, recliners, sofas, dining tables, desks, sleepers, dinette booths, folding coffee tables, and more. You’ll also find Flexsteel upholstered furniture such as Captain’s mattresses and chairs.

9.  Glastop


You may also want to consider Glastop, which is a Florida based company that specializes in RV and marine furniture. They offer a wide variety of upholstered RV furniture for you to choose from, either on their website or in their showroom.

They carry a lot of well known RV furniture brands including Flexsteel, Sunbrella, Villa International, and Lambright. They also offer customer assistance when it comes to deciding how you want to fix up your RV and what sorts of furniture you will most benefit from.

There are lots of options for Captain’s chairs, recliners, sofas, wooden tables, ottomans, sectionals, and dinettes, as well as lots of replacement parts. You can even request custom-built products, and wait for around 3 weeks to receive your items.

10.  RecPro


RecPro is actually an exclusive brand of RV furniture and accessories, dominating the US market when it comes to quality and competitively priced items. Although, they also feature products from other brands on their website, such as Suburban and Atwood.

You can find plenty of sofas, tables, recliners, dinettes, sectionals, ottomans, and so on. All of these are available on their website, and once you place your order, it only takes 24 hours for shipping, so there’s no need to wait for weeks. Their support staff is also friendly and reliable, so don’t hesitate to ask any RV furniture related questions that you may have.

Other RV furniture outlets:

11.  Arizona RV Salvage

Arizona RV Salvage

More on second hand RV furniture, there’s Arizona RV Salvage, which is a middle house for used furniture that are fully functional and with intact interiors but have been deemed by insurance companies as unfixable.

Sure, there may be a little bit of body damage, but the stuff is otherwise fine, and can be bought at reasonable prices. You can even ask the salesperson to do a visual inspection and even send you extra photos of the item before you purchase.

Of course, you can only buy what is available on the website. The good thing is, you’ll find lots of discontinued models from various brands, so it’s quite easy to find exact replacements for your old RV furniture.

12.  Colaw RV Salvage

Colaw RV Salvage

Similar to the Arizona RV Salvage, there’s also the Colaw RV Salvage, which is based in Missouri. They offer plenty of used furniture and accessories in good condition, many of which come from major brands.

Although, one drawback is that you do need to call or email the company in order to find out more about what pieces they have depending on what you are looking for. That said, you can also request for photos and visual inspections. And, they offer shipping.

13.  Villa International

Villa International

Another well known brand of fine, custom made RV furniture is Villa International. You’ll notice that many of their products are available on other retailer websites, but they also have their own site with plenty more options for RV furniture and accessories. You can, of course, request for custom made items that will perfectly fit in your RV, and they’ll be happy to assist you.

14.  Shop 4 Seats

Shop 4 Seats

If you really just need to replace the old and broken seats in your RV, you can head on the Shop 4 Seats’ website. They sell all types of vehicle seating, including RVs, with plenty of options for Captain’s chairs, sofas, recliners, and dinettes. You can even get a furniture package, pick a certain fabric, customize upgrades on the furniture, request for specific sizes, and more.

15.  PPL Motorhomes

PPL Motorhomes

Starting from scratch? Aka buying an RV and outfitting it as your new home? PPL Motorhomes may be a great place to start, since this Texas based dealership sells both RVs and RV furniture. It might be a little confusing to go through their site, but they do have a lot of options and most of these are priced lower compared to other websites.

16.  RV Upgrades

RV Upgrades

When it comes to outdoor furniture, one of your best bets is with RV Upgrades, since they sell outdoor stuff for RVs and other purposes. Their items are generally lightweight and can be folded flat, and their chairs and recliners come with many different styles to choose from. They even have camp kitchens, inflatable loungers, and folding tables and benches.

17.  Discount RV Furnitures

Discount RV Furnitures

More on customizable furniture for your RV, Discount RV Furnitures makes their items locally, so you can guarantee quality and durability. They offer all the usual RV stuff like Captain’s chairs, dinettes, sofas, and even DOT compliant seat bases that allow you to bolt in everything safely. Of course, you can also request for unique combinations and customizations.

18.  Countryside Interiors

Countryside Interiors

Another RV furniture maker and retailer are Countryside Interiors, which is based in Oregon but ships anywhere in the country. They sell furniture from big-name brands and also offer their own custom made furniture, including cabinets. They also offer re-upholstery, and even sell raw materials if you want a DIY project, as well as used and consigned furniture options.

RV furniture tips and buying guide

Replacing your RV furniture is a great way to transform its look and feel, so you can go from a standard sad-looking mobile camp to a cozy home on wheels. Even just changing the sofas and mattresses can easily make your RV feel new and homey.

When it comes to buying the right RV furniture, it’s important to know what exactly you are looking for, so you know where to start, and what to expect. For example, there are different requirements for motorhomes, travel trailers, and whatnot.

And of course, you need to be ready with the exact measurements that you’ll need, since an RV only gives you a limited amount of space and you don’t want to buy something that won’t fit or will make you feel cramped.

New vs used RV furniture

RV Furniture Outlet storeIt may be fun to shop for new and even customized furniture and accessories for your RV. There’s a really nice feeling that comes with unboxing and unwrapping new stuff that smells, well, like new. Plus, they often come with a warranty or insurance, so your purchase is protected.

However, new items are almost always more expensive than second hand alternatives. There are plenty of refurbished furniture that are still in excellent condition. Some of these may be returned yet never actually used, some just don’t fit well with the previous owners’ preferences, and some just need a bit of cleaning or repair.

If you want to save up on money and find great deals, used furniture is an excellent choice. It might take a bit more effort and cautiousness, but in time, you are sure to find stuff that is exactly what you need, and more importantly, fit your limited budget.

How to find discounted RV furniture

In most RV furniture and other retail websites, there’s almost always a discount or clearance section, as well as sales and promotions. These will give you the best deals so you don’t have to spend tons of money on RV furniture.

Don’t be afraid to search on online selling platforms and on your local marketplaces. In some cases, you might even find free stuff, so the only thing you need to spend on is shipping (or gas, if you’re picking the item up).

Should you buy from an RV dealership?

There are plenty of RV stores that don’t only sell whole RVs, but individual furnitures and accessories as well. These are great options if you want to customize how your new RV looks from the get-go, have some assistance from selection to installation, or get better deals without having to pay for shipping costs.

It will just take you more time, since most dealerships don’t have a website or online profiles, so you’ll have to drive around and look for them, then see if they have a part and service department with the items you’re looking for and the services you need for your RV renovation.

Factors to consider when buying RV furniture

Although buying any kind of furniture is already a pretty intimidating task in itself, when it comes to RV furniture, it’s even more difficult, since there are lots of other things you need to account for, and you are much more limited when it comes to selections.

For one thing, you need accurate measurements of your available space so you can correctly decide on the furniture sizes you need. Storage space and furniture functionality and versatility are also important, given this small space you’re dealing with.

And then, you also need to account for your comfort especially since living in a moving container isn’t exactly the best, not to mention decide on style, so the whole interior of the RV looks cozy and put together. And of course, everything needs to be within your budget.


RV Furniture Outlet storeRe-furnishing your RV is a difficult task, since there’s a lot of decision making and research involved, from what styles and designs of items and decor you want, what stuff you really really need, and even whether these things will fit in your RV.

As such, there are many things you need to keep in mind, including how much sleeping space you need, how many people you’ll likely be traveling with, and how much gear you’ll bring with you on the road.

The good thing is, there are lots of excellent RV furniture outlet stores that you can visit to help you find all your needs and offer you items that will check off your requirements when it comes to functionality, style, budget, and more.

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