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Can You Buy A Motorcycle Without A License?

Can you buy a Motorcycle Without a License

Getting your first motorcycle can be a mix of emotions – happiness and excitement. You might be looking forward to riding your motorcycle already, but you have to get extra driving training and get a license specifically for driving a motorcycle.

Before buying a motorcycle, you would probably be asking yourself various questions like how the process of purchasing is going to be and how to get your motorcycle license. We have listed down all the requirements and things to consider before getting a motorcycle.

Can you buy a motorcycle without a license?

Motorcycle companies won’t hinder you from purchasing a motorcycle even if you don’t have a license yet. What’s illegal is to drive a motorcycle if you don’t have a license. Besides, while the motorcycle dealer likely won’t ask to see your license, it is always best to have it ready.

All people must oblige to all motorcycle laws, which is why many new riders think about these specific laws before purchasing their own motorcycle. The great news is that these laws that we will talk about are not so strict as other traffic laws.

A driver’s license is not necessarily required for you to get your own motorcycle. In other words, there are no existing laws that prevent an individual from buying a motorcycle, no matter how many you buy, even if you don’t have a license.

Can you drive a motorcycle without a license?

One important thing to remember about motorcycles is that you can never drive one without a license. Plus, you are required to get not just a regular license but a license that explicitly allows you to drive a motorcycle. Getting in an accident can cause you to pay a huge fine, get a motorcycle license for your safety.

Should you get a license before you buy a motorcycle?

We have stated that there is no need to get a motorcycle license if you plan to purchase a motorcycle. On the other hand, if you plan to drive your motorcycle personally, make sure to get your license ready first. This is highly applicable, especially when you want to purchase a high-end motorcycle over $12,000.

Do you have riding experience?

Most people purchase a motorcycle before getting a license for the intent of using their own bike for practice. But, if you’re getting a very expensive motorcycle, it is ideal to have a good driving experience first. You don’t want your high-end motorcycle to get scratched or get caught in an accident, and pay extra for the damage, so having adequate experience is always the best.

Will you use the motorcycle for practice?

Motorcycle riding is very different from driving an automobile. So, before actually getting a motorcycle, it is essential to check if you are ready to use your investment for a long time and actually enjoy riding it. Nobody wants to purchase something that they won’t enjoy using after some time, right?

Once you get your license and eventually try to ride a motorcycle for practice, it will surely help you figure out if you’ll love the sport. You can also opt to buy a cheap motorcycle to practice on before getting your license.

Don’t forget your motorcycle permit

You can always go for an affordable motorcycle if you want to get a good grip on driving. It is still important to get your license ready first before any practice riding to ensure that you won’t be paying expensive fines for driving without a license.

What to expect when buying a motorcycle

We talked about the necessity of getting a license before buying a motorcycle and that it is not a requirement for you to purchase one. The main thing to consider before purchasing a motorcycle is money, of course. It is imperative to get an idea of how much a motorcycle will cost you and if you can afford to pay for it.

Motorcycle companies might require you to bring an identification card, so they can have a record of you as the rightful owner. You can bring any valid ID’s and even your driver’s license for verification.

As long as the dealer and motorcycle sellers get the money that they require you to have for a motorcycle, they won’t even care if you have a motorcycle license or not. There are no laws that prevent anyone from buying a motorcycle without actually having a license, so there is nothing to worry about.

How to get your motorcycle home from the dealership

How to get your motorcycle home from the dealership

If you don’t know how to operate a motorcycle and don’t have a license, it is always best to plan beforehand about how you will get your motorcycle home.

Before taking your new motorcycle home, keep in mind to call your insurance first to get your insurance policy ready. So, even when you’re riding on the road or not, you are assured that your new motorcycle is protected and secured.

Delivery services

If you don’t have a license and someone who can take your motorcycle back home, you can ask for delivery services offered by your dealer. They might have some option for motorcycle delivery for a fee. Make sure to always check the terms and agreements first before agreeing to them.

Using a trailer

Another way of bringing your motorcycle back home is using a trailer. Whether you opt for a carrier, tow dolly, or a traditional trailer, all of them are a great option. This can be one of the easiest ways to get your new motorcycle back home, but just make sure to plan it ahead of time.

Asking a friend

If you’re not yet familiar with driving a motorcycle, you can always bring a friend to help you drive your new motorcycle home. Just as long as he or she has got a motorcycle license with proper riding experience, you’re good to go.


Don’t worry about not getting a license before buying a motorcycle. It is not a required document to show motorcycle dealers once you’re ready to buy one. Just make sure to have your license ready if you are planning to drive your own motorcycle investment.

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